Payette of Boston, MA Utilizes their CNC Router for Prototyping

About The Project

The DigiFab Quilting assignment introduced students to the digital fabrication resources in Payette’s model shop and FabLab, building expertise for projects in support of the Comprehensive Studio later in the semester. This three-part exercise leveraged our three primary digital fabrication tools: the laser-cutter, 3D printer and CNC router. Students were responsible for making one 8”x8” square to be part of a 12-square quilt. Together, they made three quilts, one for each tool. With clear parallels to urbanism, individual squares expressed both an independent identity and a situational awareness: one voice in a broader conversation.

The students used our HDS Series CNC router model in their off-site FabLab to produce both their quilt square and a large site model for their studio project.


Machine used: 48×96 HDS Series CNC Router Model

The project empowered students as digital decision makers by linking computational design methodology to physical fabrication processes. In addition to helping the students build core digital competencies, the resultant artifacts led to a rich discussion around agency and digital practice. As the semester progresses students will draw from their digital fabrication expertise to construct building-scale mockups and prototypes.

At Payette, we have both a culture and a curriculum that embeds fabrication within the design process of every project team. Virginia Tech students went through the same training we give our staff”.

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