Goliath Series CNC Router at Witchita State University

We recently flew to Wichita, Kansas for a scheduled installation and training with our customers from Wichita State University, to work closely with the engineering team and students in the aerospace research center. The University currently has a fully custom Techno CNC 5×10 Goliath Series CNC router, equipped with a 3ft Gantry height and 4ft z-axis travel, allowing users to cut abnormally large parts. The tall gantry and z-axis allow the spindle to reach deep into part cavities machining complex 3D geometrical surfaces. This Series CNC machine comes standard with a 12 HP automatic tool changer spindle, vacuum hold down, high power digital Yaskawa AC servo motors and drives.

During the training, we cut a unique composite material that was printed into its initial 3D, rough geometric form. The composite is unique in its ability to withstand extreme heat and pressure. The machine was then used to clean and precisely size the part producing a smooth surface, which is then ready for the next step in their manufacturing process. Due to the confidentiality and security of the program, we can only share the Techno machining capabilities says Techno’s senior application engineer Bob Valentine.

 “We used to print these parts and have them sent to a local machine shop for finishing. Outsourcing the machining was time consuming and due to the abrasive makeup of the composite, the machine shops cut results were inconsistent and required allot of hand finishing when returned. Our teams had to sand and finish each machined part by hand which was extremely time consuming. With the addition of the new Techno machine this now allows us to keep the work in-house and requires virtually no hand finishing saving us allot of time and money. We are extremely pleased the new Techno Goliath machine will help stream line our manufacturing process with increased efficiency, quality and accuracy” – Wichita State University Managers