LC Computer Cards


Warning: Make sure to match the correct card with the corresponding mainboard. Mixing the computer card with the wrong mainboard may cause damage to the electronics, the computer card, and/or your computer.

PCI Cards / Short Card

Pci card short.JPG>

The short card is 5.75 inches long and is designed to work with: LP/LC Electronics
CNC Lathes
Servo DaVinci machines
Gantry III machines
Short card: part # H20T43-PCINT-00

Long Card

Pci card long.jpg
The PCI400 Card pinout is available.
The long card is 9.25 inches long, and is designed to work with:
MP/HP Electronics
RG+ Servo Box 3
Premium Class Electronics
LC Speed Upgrade
RG machines
Some Gantry III machines

Long Card:
Long Card + Riser Card + Ribbon cable kit:
Long Card Upgrade Kit (upgrade from ISA card to PCI card):

PCI Riser Card

The PCI Riser Card provides additional connectivity for Touchpads, Coolant system, Spindle and Start/Stop box. For normal 3-axis operation, the Touchpad is usually connected to the Encoder-4 terminal on the Controller mainboard. In the event that the 4th-axis encoder connector is occupied, installing the riser card will allow the use of a touchpad.
Riser Card Part # H25X00-RISER-01
Ribbon Cable Part # H27Z79-SCS1-62

13 6riser.jpeg

ISA Card

The ISA card is very old technology, and no longer supported. ISA cards require an ISA slot on the PC motherboard, something most PC's made in this century do not have. Fortunately, you can easily upgrade from the ISA to the PCI card. An Upgrade kit with the required cards and cables is available (p/n H20T43-PCI403UP). This kit is particularly helpful when a new(er) PC is being installed into a CNC system currently employing ISA technology.

13 7isa.jpeg