Turning Various Ideas into Reality with Christian Magro from ACM Solutions

By Maryann Valentine

                Christian Magro had been working in South Florida as a Project Architect dealing with builders, interior designers and construction trades for residential and commercial projects.  At his job, he focused on remodeling homes. He fell in love with the field he was in. He focused on trim work, which eventually led him into the cabinetry business, completing cabinetry trim on the side. He had always been the type to work on both the drawing board and out in the field….designing and building was his passion from the very start.  This led him into cabinetry, fine furniture and trim carpentry work until he moved to the Carolinas in 2000. Filled with passion and drive, Magro began developing different companies throughout the years, varying from stairs, to cabinetry, to arts and crafts, to mirrors, and more! He moved to the Carolinas after finding excitement in the staircase industry, as well (something quite rare in South Florida). Staircase work became his passion and he eventually started Custom Only Staircase, creating beautiful staircases for builders and home owners. At the same time he was also introduced to Techno CNC equipment by his friend Trevor. “My friend Trevor owned a company called Carolina Cues. The company focused on building custom pool cues. His CNC guy had quit, and he’d asked me to help him out with the company. So I did. And I fell in love with the equipment. I practiced design at Carolina Cues, and worked closely with outfitting all of the code, custom programming for the inlays, etc. I knew I needed a CNC router after seeing what this technology could do for my businesses and future endeavors.” The realization of what this technology could do opened the doors to a variety of opportunities and allowed Christian’s entrepreneurial spirit to soar beyond belief.

            Magro first purchased a ShopBot CNC router as a starter router, but soon realized he needed a machine that could be pushed harder and faster. “I realized I needed a machine that could be pushed harder and faster,” said Magro. He knew it was time to invest in a Techno CNC Systems CNC router. “I purchased my first Techno CNC router shortly after working closely with Carolina Cues, and began using my Techno CNC router to route the parts for staircases. When I started using my Techno CNC router for my staircase company, it was a game changer.  My staircase parts were made from wood species like Oak, Hickory and Brazilian Cherry.  I needed a machine that could get the job done and work all day.  Techno always came through! There was a huge difference in the structure of my router, the weight, the sturdiness, etc. Techno CNC machines are total workhorses. I put both of my Techno CNC routers to use all day every day; nonstop! I draw anything I want in CAD, push a few buttons, and go from design to cut in less than an hour.” Christian had been a self taught software developer for many years and developed his own software to link CAD to the CNC. He was able to quickly design what he needed using CAD and immediately output to GCODE at the push of a few buttons. “Every staircase I built started with raw lumber…I made all of the wood parts myself.  The CNC was like a helper that was always working and always accurate…more than I can say for myself!” Christian designed a specialized program that created CNC components for making a beautiful curved staircase without the need for a framing drum.  Because he was a one-man show…he was always finding innovative ways to do things.  The CNC equipment allowed him to take his ideas and make things happen.

After working in the staircase industry for a few years, Christian focused on a new passion and started up a new family business creating custom hardwood mirrors.  Peck-n-Scratch was conceived by his wife Rebecca in 2014 after she saw what Christian was able to create with his CNC equipment.  Christian’s architectural background and dealing with interior designers gave Peck-n-Scratch a clear edge over the competition.  Between the talent and the equipment, Peck-n-Scratch quickly became one of the highest quality mirror companies out there.  Christian created another specialized software that facilitated the creation of custom mirrors of all shapes and sizes.  Peck-n-Scratch is known for it’s ability to custom design just about any hardwood mirror style you can think of and has built over 400 mirrors in just a few years. 

Christian’s non-stop drive and energy had him creating a new company in 2018, ACM Solutions (Advanced Craft Making). ACM Solutions is a full service fabrication shop dealing with the craft and construction industry. He is currently creating light panel components for an interior designer that is turning someone’s basement into a Star Wars Death Star.“We use our 5×10 Techno router and our desktop Techno router for all ACMS products, it lets us take care of very small items to huge items alike.” ACM Solutions fabricates components for other companies by designing and creating companies product lines. “90% of what we do at ACM Solutions is on our Techno CNC router. We currently have a 5×10 Techno router and a desktop Techno CNC router. The key to making my businesses successful is being able to go from design, to CNC, to a tangible item. It just goes to show the versatility of CNC equipment. You can take this tool and let your imagination run wild; it’s insane! You can think of ANYTHING (and that is not an understatement) in the form of creating, and that is what Techno represents. My Techno CNC routers are the bridge between dreaming it and creating it. If you look at my logo for ACM Solutions, you’ll notice the word ‘Imagine’, followed by the word ‘Create’. That is what my Techno CNC routers do for me. Techno CNC’s equipment has let me make the jump from having a dream to creating and allowing that dream to become a tangible reality.” ACM Solutions has put forth a great deal of effort in helping others realize their business dreams by providing fabrication services to them.  For those that have the dream and vision but do not have access to fabrication, ACMS fills that gap and becomes that very bridge from “Imagine” to “Create”.  The versatility of these companies is a testament to the versatility of these Techno machines.  Business owners using ACMS as their fabrication shop are dependent on getting their products and components on time and accurate.  Techno CNC equipment has allowed ACMS to excel in providing great service to its partner companies.

                “My machines are sturdy and solid. If I ever have an issue, the team at Techno CNC Systems is reliable, fast and efficient. I always get instant help and instant service, and they never make you feel as though there is ever a stupid question to ask. Support is key for these types of machines. Techno CNC’s Technical Support is incredible. I have been working with Techno machines for over 12 years now. I can’t wait to buy my next CNC router from Techno CNC.”      

Peck-n-Scratch creating custom mirror frame using their 5×10 Techno Machine.
Frame is 56” Round, solid rustic alder 3” thick.
Pics showing “hogging out” of material prior to final carving and final carving.

Photos from ACMS client of their finished classroom hallway project using their puzzle piece cutouts. Over 60 puzzle pieces of all shapes and sizes are decorating a 65 foot hallway. They were also designed with double sided keyhole supports in the back so they can be hung in any direction.. They can also be interlocked to form large sections of puzzle artwork. Magro had the idea of making them in different thicknesses to give connected pieces more of a pop.

These are level 2 cutouts with 1/8" grooves surrounding each "pixel". The finishing of these items is easy...and fun for kids of all ages. The basic sizes are 12", 18" and 24". The pixels are separate from the base which makes them very easy to paint. The pixels also have stems that fit perfectly into the built in keys which are located on the base. They were also designed with double sided keyhole supports in the back so they can be hung in any direction.. They can also be interlocked to form large sections of puzzle artwork.

This large batman mask will be installed in a model home above a headboard. It’s going to have back lighting when installed so we put some here so you can get an idea how it’s going to look.

Extra large wood cutouts made on their Techno CNC router for a client’s Sci-Fi holiday decorating theme.

These are 7″x9″ with an interior size of 5″x7″. Built-in keyhole supports enable you to hang them in both directions. The backer board is made of 3/16″ thick birch plywood and will be included with the frame. The edges of the face are also rounded over to soften the 1″ thick frame.

A batch a superhero micro-mini cutouts in the works. ACMS plays a role in many areas of décor and crafts.
And though they can create anything you need for just about any theme, they definitely lean towards superhero, sci-fi and fantasy

Peck-N-Scratch Photo Gallery Using a Techno CNC Router

Check out more of their work at https://pecknscratch.patternbyetsy.com/