Visiting The Auto Firm in Miami, Florida with Alex Vega

                Born in Miami, Florida, Alex Vega developed his passion for cars at a very young age. After working at a local Firestone service center for over 2 years, Vega found his passion in customizing cars, which ultimately began his journey to creating, The Auto Firm. Today, The Auto Firm is one of the largest custom shops in the automotive industry and caters to anyone looking to personalize their ride. Alex is known to be the main designer for the entertainment industry, including elite athletes and world-renowned celebrities who go to him for all their automotive needs.


The Auto Firm is made up of some of the most expensive cars in the world, ranging from Mercedes to BMW’s to Range Rovers and more. Vega customizes some of the hottest cars ever made, by revamping the entire structure of the car, and bringing the owners visions to life. No matter what the vision may be, Vega and his team at The Auto Firm are able to bring your dreams to reality… with a little help from Techno CNC Systems CNC routers.

Our routers play a huge part at The Auto Firm, and have become an essential for Vega’s success. The Auto Firm focuses on customizing both the interior and exterior of each car, meaning the interior can be customized using expensive materials that fit in each nook and cranny of the vehicle, creating a truly one of a kind design for each automobile. Areal, the CNC tech at The Auto Firm, works closely with the companies HDS Series 5×10 CNC router to create custom panels and designs for each car. The router is able to carve out custom panels to perfectly fit in areas of the car. “I work with the CNC here at The Auto Firm. I build a lot of custom panels using the Techno CNC, for a lot of foreign cars. We use the CNC to cut out the panels, so they can perfectly fit in every corner and crevice of the car. We use a lot of MDF and birch materials. The coolest thing about the machine is that it works on both small and large projects. Our HDS Series Techno CNC router also saves me a lot of time. The only time I use is programming and designing on the computer. The machine then does exactly what I programmed… quickly and perfectly. What I do on the CNC in just one day would take me about 2 weeks to do by hand, or I wouldn’t be able to do it at all. The most important difference is the quality. I’d never be able to make any of this stuff if it weren’t for our Techno CNC HDS Series router.”

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The CNC router has taken Vega’s workshop to the next level. Most of Vega’s personalization is done on the router. “The machine has brought a lot of perfection to our work. Since we have had our machine, our business has grown tremendously, not only because of the finishes, but also because of our options. We are able to do a lot of other things that we weren’t able to do by hand. We are able to now do logos, lighting, etc. And that alone, creates a lot more business because people only want to get their work done by you,” said Vega.