CNC Routers for Custom Car Shops

Since 1986, Techno CNC has been perfecting the balance between low cost and high quality CNC routers. Our CNC routers are the culmination of over 30 years of design and field experience.  With many repeat customers, Techno continues to bring things up to the next level of performance.  Techno provides affordable CNC routers that handle production, require little maintenance, and typically give 15 to 20 years of service.

The Perfect CNC Routers for Custom Autobody Shop

Our HDS Series appeals to custom auto/car shops and audio speaker fabricators because of its high precision and high production level performance.  Custom car shops typically cater to high profile clients and many times the deadlines are tight.  The HDS machine delivers high speed and accuracy along with excellent cut quality because of its rigid, all steel construction and servo motor technology.  The HDS Series Is a good fit if you want to cut wood, plastic, and aluminum because it is equipped with a 12 horsepower HSD brand spindle and optional micro drop coolant for aluminum routing.  The machine bed is a combination vacuum table (for vacuum hold down of flat sheets) and aluminum T-slot table (for clamping and fixturing of parts not suitable for vacuum hold down).  Our technicians are also very helpful in advising on the appropriate tooling and cut strategies for many different materials.

The HDS Series

Techno’s HDS Series CNC Machine is made up of all steel construction, providing the rigid foundation required for ultra-smooth routing results. The HDS Series CNC Router includes a 12 HP HSD automatic tool changer spindle with an 8-position tool rack. The HDS Series comes standard with a pneumatically operated dust collection hood that concentrates air flow at the cutter, which provides optimal dust collection performance. The multi-zone vacuum t-slot table is constructed from very hard Phenolic, which is an extremely stable material that holds tight tolerances for precision cutting, and is connected to a 10HP rotary vane vacuum pump (twin pack optional), for quiet operation. For easy sheet alignment, (3) pop-up pins are included on the HDS Series, and are precisely placed to handle and align various size materials. The HDS Series CNC Machine is powered by brushless AC Servo digital motors and drives, and is powered by an easy-to-use and learn Osai PC based industrial controller.


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