Axis Drifted


The following error message (with different numbers/axes) is received:

Axis drifted.jpg

The error code associated with this message is: 27102010

This error means the machine found the home switch in a much different location than it has previously.

This suggests that something in the system is loose.

Possible loose components for this problem are, in order of probability:

  • Pulley on ball screw shaft
  • Pulley on motor shaft (if it is a low power or otherwise unkeyed motor shaft)
  • Loose home switch or home switch bracket
  • Loose ball screw bearings
  • Loose ball nut

How to check directly for loose pulleys

If this error is preceded by the following error message:

Axis lost pulses.jpg

The problem is NOT loose mechanics, and you should follow the following route: Axis lost pulses error message

Note that this error will only come up if the index pulse is enabled on that axis.

Still not sure what is going on here? Read: About drift issues