Becks Design and CNC Woodworking

             Adam Becks worked as a full time CNC operator before starting his own company, Becks Design and CNC woodworking, back in 2010. Unlike other companies, his company first started with the purchase of a CNC router from Techno CNC Systems, before he even had his first customer. “I started out by working closely alongside my brother who was my main customer. I would do the design and detail cutting for our projects, and hand the finished piece over to my brother who would assemble and present the final build. It works for us because it allows for both of us to run our own businesses and keeps us both in business / successful. I purchased my first router from Techno CNC in 2010, which was a smaller HD Series router. Investing in a CNC actually began my business because I was able to get the detail work done quickly and efficiently, and send the work straight to my brother for assembly. I can complete detail work in about 3 weeks that would have taken me 3-4 months to do by hand,” said Becks. “The CNC was actually the startup of my company; it put me in business. I worked full time for someone else. I was investing in the future basically, since I didn’t even have a company yet. And now, my HD and HDS Series from Techno CNC are my entire company.”

             Becks focuses on high detail work that would be extremely difficult to hand carve or machine out on a shaper. His company focuses on building ornate structures for churches, etc. One of the projects he is currently working on is a decorative woodworking screen for the entire front of a church. The project measures about 12-15 ft high and 24 feet wide. The project includes a lot of decorative panels and carvings, with decorative moldings on the top. “I cut out the decorative panels and moldings. I’ll then send all of those parts to the companies that will assemble them via the plan/design. They don’t have the CNC capabilities that I have so they need me to route all of their parts before moving forward.”

             Becks first invested in an HD series CNC router from Techno CNC because of two things; it was affordable and the salesman was accurate. “I started with the HD series because it was a risk for me to take since I didn’t have a company yet, but it was affordable. I was hesitant to purchase a router before having any sort of customer base yet, but it came down to several potential jobs that looked good and required a high detail design that I wouldn’t be able to complete without the help of a router. My risk was that it will either pay me back or be a hobby toy, and that would be fine, too.”


Techno CNC Systems HD series CNC routers are quality and affordable CNC routers that are perfect for high production shops and small startup companies, like Adams. That’s why Techno’s machinery is ideal for all production need shops. “That was my main reason for going for an HD series at first: it was cheaper and it was cheaper to run but was still so powerful, and exceeded my expectations. I always knew I’d end up purchasing from Techno CNC after talking to Tim O’Connor, salesman at Techno, a few years prior. Years prior, I had inquired about purchasing a router just to gain some knowledge in the area and work out pricing. At the time, I knew I couldn’t buy because it wasn’t in my budget, but what I did know was when I was financially ready to purchase a CNC router; I knew it would be from Techno CNC. Tim worked closely with me to ensure I knew as much about the routers available for purchase, and also formed a unique relationship with me, as well. I hated how other company’s bash-talked competitors, but Tim focused on giving me the knowledge I needed about each router in particular, and years later when I was ready to finally purchase, I was happy to hear Tim was still working at Techno. One of the best parts about my experience was when the machine actually arrived. It exceeded my expectations – it was even better than Tim had told me.”

Becks is able to complete difficult projects on his HD and HDS CNC routers now, and runs both machines at the same time. “Both routers are almost identical, and because of the year difference, one is just newer than the other. Both are very nicely built. I am extremely happy with both of my routers; both routers have truly surpassed my expectations. I would recommend both of these CNC routers to anyone. I absolutely love the quality that my routers produce.” Since he is a one man shop, I do everything myself and have to be running product very quickly. So after building up a good customer base, Adam knew it was time to invest in another router to help me fasten up my production time and route projects quickly and efficiently. “The routers are also great because they are efficient and reliable. These routers have really helped me speed up my PT because when I go to use them, they work. I never have to worry about them breaking down. I start them up, and they work. It’s as simple as that. I can’t afford to have my routers down, and Techno CNC has given me just that; reliable, affordable and quality CNC routers for all production needs.

“My routers have given me the opportunity to be my own boss and start up my own company because my Techno CNC router is truly what started my company. On my end, it’s given me the ability to start and run a successful business. More to the point, it’s given my brother a chance to grow and use me as a detail giver, as well.”