Bringing a Bow Business Owner's Vision to Life

  “I’d slowly grown my baby bow business from a hobby on Etsy to a real life company. I sold over 3,000 baby bows in 10 months and began experimenting with different ideas to add to my baby accessory business. I experimented with designing my own line of vintage inspired sunsuits for babies and toddlers. I dabbled with my own line of pink tutu dresses for the typical “pink loving” toddler who only wants to wear fancy dresses with lots of tulle. I then dabbled with the idea of designing my own bow holders to store all of their handmade bows. I knew that keeping your bows in a safe and organized space was something that every mom hoped for, but never had a proper solution to. That’s when I reached out to Techno CNC to see if Bob and I could design a multi-functional and ascetically pleasing bow holder for moms to store both nylon headband bows and hair clips on, without having to purchase two separate bow racks to store each kind.”
    “Bob worked closely with me to help design the perfect holder. We talked about materials and what type of material I wanted to use to make the bow holder light, functional, sturdy, and high-quality. I took my idea and made a hand drawn sketch to give him an idea of what I was looking for. He immediately took my idea and began designing. We worked together to design something that I had envisioned. It was amazing to see my ideas come to life, without little to no knowledge of CNC equipment or software. He then programmed my design into the Titan Series CNC router, and had my bow holders routed out in less than 45 minutes. My vision was brought to life in minutes. The edges were smooth… the corners were perfectly rounded… the slots were the perfect width apart so each nylon headband could wrap around the bar and be stored properly. He even added three seperate slots at the bottom of my holder so I could attach ribbon for hair clips to attach to and be stored properly. I was thrilled with how easy it was to work with Bob and have him take my vision and turn it into a reality.

   After selling out of all of my original design of bow holders, I knew I needed more to keep my store stocked withmy original bow holder designs. I also wanted to create a different type of bow holder for someone who doesn’t necessarily have as many bows to completely fill three ribbons with. We recently just designed our second and third batch of bow holders – perfect for minimalist moms who have less bows to store. This time, we designed the perfect modern rainbow bow holder that I have been envisioning. He was able to take a basic vectorized rainbow and fix the curves to my liking. I wanted the rainbow to be jagged, and to have less of a perfect half circle shape. I envisioned the rainbow bow holders to be more modern and have a more curved peak. I also wanted the routed areas to be painted in pastel colors this time around, instead of leaving the wood as a finished wood look. Bob helped me, yet again, to design the perfect bow holder. He even suggested using ___ tape while routing out the pieces, so I had an easier experience painting in between the grooves. It was so easy to paint afterward. I painted the routed areas, and after the paint dried, I ripped the tape off. This gave me a clean and professional look with no paint inaccuracies. We designed, programmed and routed two new bow holder designs in 1.5 hours… and I had 60+ bow holders in my hand a the end of our session. I can not recommend this company enough for taking on any design needs that you may have. Techno has made it easy for me to take my vision and turn it into a reality… within minutes! I have little to no CNC knowledge, but was able to make a wooden masterpiece with the help from Bob at Techno CNC. My customers love my designs, and I will most definitely be back to design some more pieces in the near future.