Computer Freezes or Hangs



Computer hangs while attempting to run other applications when running a file

Warning: It can be dangerous to attempt to use other applications on the same PC when the Techno CNC Interface is running a file. You may lose the ability to stop the machine via the Interface.


While an NC file is running, the computer freezes and appears to crash if the operator attempts to start another program such as a web browser or CAM software.

The mouse will not move, the keyboard is unresponsive, and the techno cnc interface header may say “not responding”


The Control Interface requires all other applications be shut down and remain off while running a file. On newer computers with multi-core processing, the system will be responsive while running a file, but the computer should not be used for anything but running the machine while a gcode file is executing.


  • Use a different PC for all other software activities.
  • Use the Start Stop box to pause the machine while running
  • Upgrade to a multi-core PC if you wish to have the mouse move while running a file, but keep in mind that the PC must only be used by the Techno software while it is running a file.