Computer Speed Issue


You are experiencing stuttering (either visible or audible) while cutting (jogging the machine works smoothly), or you see the following error message after a run:

Computer speed error.jpg


The computer running the machine is either under powered or too busy doing other tasks to keep up with running the machine.

This is only the case if the machine jogs properly. If it stutters during jog as well, please visit the wiki for Machine Stutters while jogging AND running a file.


If you are not receiving the error message but you are seeing or hearing stuttering, there is a test to perform to verify the problem.

  • Obtain software version 1.422.1 or greater if you do not already have it. Documentation on upgrading the software for test purposes
  • Click Setup
  • Click Advanced
  • Click Software Switches
  • Check the box marked “Warn” next to “Interface update frequency”.
  • Run another file (it is okay to run a file “In the air“, a speed issue will happen regardless of the lack of material.
  • After the run, you may receive the error box shown above.

If you do receive this error, follow the instructions below. If you do not receive this error, the problem is possibly loose mechanics, or issues with gcode files.

If you are receiving this error message or if you have an old version of the software and suspect this is the problem:

This message means the PC is unable to keep up with the other tasks it is being asked to do while running the machine.

These tasks might involve legitimate work (network access for files, virus scanning, general computer background things) or viruses and malware.

Start by closing unnecessary programs while cutting on the machine.

On older computers, it may be necssary to Disable the network. Most modern multi-core computers can run the CNC interface and a network connection simultaneously, but this is not always the case. Wifi cards are especially prone to hogging CPU resources.

Inspect the computer for viruses and malware.

Note that even very old computers can run the Techno interface, but even new computers can get bogged down with unnecessary/problematic software that prevents smooth operation.

If the problem persists past cleaning the computer and disabling the network, change the drop down box “Interface update frequency” (located near the warn button in setup -> advanced -> software switches) to “Never”.

If the problem continues, try running with a different PC if possible.