Dusty Pause:


The Pause button on the Start Stop Box is dusty or damaged.

Symptoms include constant pausing, and home being cancelled due to pause button (in newer versions of the software).


The following style Start Stop Box

and a similar box that looks identical except for a lack of Emergency-stop switch

has buttons that can become unusable due to dust buildup.


This model Start Stop Box has been discontinued.

To repair the problem, Contact Support and obtain a new button or a new style Start Stop Box.

In a pinch, the buttons can be made to work temporarily by one of the following methods:

Repeatedly exercise the switch aggressively.

Disassemble the switch and clean the contacts

Replace the switch with any other similar switch (pause is normally closed and start is normally open)

Another option is to disable the Start Stop Box in software. The emergency stop button will still work. To disable the Start Stop Box, click Setup, Advanced, Touchpad and Remote. Change the Start Stop Box mode to 0.