DWB Carpentry with Techno CNC's HDS Series CNC Router Model

DWB Carpentry

Founded in 1998, DWB Carpentry designs and fabricates custom kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, vanities & more. Recently, DWB Carpentry purchased a Techno CNC 5×10 CNC router for their woodshop on Long Island

The Long Island Woodworker

                Born and raised in Pleasanton, Texas; a small town right outside of San Antonio, Wayne grew up loving everything about construction, carpentry, and “wood”. In 1988, Wayne traveled up north for construction work on Nantucket Island… hanging sheet rock, spackling, etc. There, he met his wife of now 33 years, decided to stay up north to start their lives together. Wayne began tackling smaller construction jobs for builders like framing and more. Shortly after, he decided to go out on his own and start his own business. DWB Carpentry Corp is now located in Baiting Hollow, NY, a few miles west of the Hamptons.    

                “I’ve been doing cabinetry for 20+ years now”, stated Wayne. “I purchased my first entry-level 4×8 CNC router 6 years ago. I’ve been in the market now to upgrade my CNC machine and I came along Techno CNC from a friend on Long Island, who owned the HDS Series CNC router model from Techno. I ultimately decided to purchase from Techno based off of his recommendations. Tim, my sales rep, was a pleasure to work with and really helped me decide on a CNC model that was right for my company. I was sold on their Tech support, as well. I now have the incredible 5×10 “HDS Series” CNC router from Techno CNC with an automatic tool changer spindle and high powered, digital AC servo motors and drives”.   

About the HDS Series CNC router

Our HDS Series CNC router is a great find for any business looking to incorporate CNC technology into their workshop. Techno’s HDS Series CNC Machine is made up of all steel construction, providing the rigid foundation required for ultra-smooth routing results. The HDS Series CNC Router includes a 12 HP HSD automatic tool changer spindle with an 8-position tool rack, and comes standard with a pneumatically operated dust collection hood that concentrates air flow at the cutter, providing optimal dust collection performance. The multi-zone vacuum t-slot table is constructed from very hard Phenolic; an extremely stable material that holds tight tolerances for precision cutting. This CNC machine is connected to a rotary vane vacuum pump, which holds all the parts as it routes and has very quiet operation. For easy sheet alignment, (3) pop-up pins are included on the HDS Series, and are precisely placed to handle and align various size materials. The HDS Series CNC Machine is powered by brushless AC Servo digital motors and drives, and is powered by an easy-to-use and learn Osai PC based industrial controller.    

HDS Series CNC router from Techno CNC at DWB Carpentry Corps woodshop in Hamptons, NY on Long Island

HDS Series CNC router from Techno CNC at DWB Carpentry Corps woodshop in Hamptons, NY on Long Island

            Wayne mainly works with builders in the Hamptons for kitchen projects and installations. “Builders give me the physical plan and I give them an estimate and drawing from there. Once we go back and forth, and ‘okay’ the final drawing, I go ahead and draw everything out exactly how I want to build each cabinet. I then process all the drawings through my CAD/CAM package creating all the machine instruction so I can upload them to the CNC and complete the cutting process. It’s incredibly easy and efficient”.   

                DWB Carpentry Corp designs and fabricates custom kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, built-ins, vanities, gates, paneling, and so much more. Recently, after the newest CNC addition arrived at DWB Carpentry Corp, Wayne was able to complete projects like cabinet doors, shinnoki panels, custom doors, built-ins, fan blades, and more. “I build cabinetry out of pre-finished maple plywood. I use the CNC for all of the doors and the cabinet parts. Some cabinet parts have to be cut around duck work in the walls so I am able to do that quickly and efficiently with my CNC router. I made some ceiling fan blades and cut 20 olf them out of ¼” piece of plywood on the CNC router. They came out beautiful”.    

An Ode to Techno CNC from Wayne

“I truly love my Techno CNC router. My 5×10 HDS Series is a dream. Just wow! It is so much quieter than my other CNC. The gantry moves back and forth beautifully! My HDS Series from Techno CNC cuts a lot more efficiently and accurately, too. My favorite part about the machine is the dust shroud… I love how it drops down and vacuums up the dust off the material so effortlessly. My other machine didn’t do that so I love this upgrade. I also love the large cutting capacity and all in all, this is an excellent CNC router for a great price”.   

DWB Carpentry - HDS Series CNC Router on Long Island - Hamptons, NY CNC Machine by Techno CNC

HDS Series CNC router from Techno CNC at DWB Carpentry Corps woodshop in Hamptons, NY on Long Island