By Maryann Valentine

             Fresno City College’s very own, John Marquez, shared with us the ins and outs of what it is like to be a CAM student at Fresno City College… one of the many educational programs a Techno CNC is being used to teach with. I originally found John on our Instagram page @technocnc because John has become one of many happy Techno CNC fans… who just so happens to tag us in a bunch of cool projects made by students using their Techno CNC router. Marquez was excited to share the schools projects and excitement for their Techno CNC Router. 

                “Everything about our Techno CNC is PERFECT,” He started. “My favorite project so far was when I made a poster out of Corian. I routed my favorite logo, No Shave Life, on a piece of Corian plastic, and I was so excited about how well it engraved. I was amazed at how well and how fast it cut. I look just like the guy on the logo, beard and all, and loved that the Techno CNC allowed for me to bring my favorite logo to life.”

                Marquez shared how Fresno City College uses their Techno CNC router in the classroom. “The first part of class is mostly software based, where we are learning all about software, programming, etc. We mainly use MasterCam, but have also been using a bit of Fusion 360 lately, as well. The second half of the class is when we are allowed to go into the lab and use our Techno CNC router first hand. Each day is different, but we originally start by learning how to set up the machine, use the tool changer, etc. Our Techno CNC router is the focus of our entire class.”

The students use the router to make their own individual projects, and are graded differently based off of the programming, edge finish, and tool change. “Our instructor gives us an assignment where we then begin designing, planning, and drawing it up on Mastercam. We then nest it, g-code it and put it in the software. All projects are done individually, so we are all able to use and understand the machine and software by ourselves.”  The class uses a wide variety of materials when doing projects on their Techno CNC router. “We have used soft plastics, Corian counter top material, a lot of MDF and melamine.” 

The class has also completed a bunch of projects on their CNC during the past 6 months like a 6-pack holder for beer (picture shown), small plaques, coasters, posters, signs and more. We also used a bunch of soft plastics to draw up our own introductory drawings of parts to cut out on the router. 
Marquez talked about his favorite projects during the 6 month CAM class. “My favorites, by far, was making the 6-pack holder, and this sign I made for my mom for mother’s day. I made her a sign that said, “Artistic Hair By Teri” and routed the entire thing using the Techno CNC in class. It was very fun to make and see being routed. The CNC made it so easy… anybody could do it!”


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