The HD-II Table top machine includes a 2HP HSD high frequency collet spindle, and a  vacuum t-slot table, which allows for mechanical clamping/vacuum hold down. The gantry height is 7-1/2″, which provides maximum flexibility to route sheet goods and larger taller parts. The machine drive motors are Nema 34 high powered brushless motors, thus providing the power to route any wood, plastic, foam, or non-ferrous metal. The controller is a stand-alone hand held controller. The buttons on the controller are all pre-programmed to perform certain machine instruction, thus making machine operations easy to learn and use. 


  • Steel base with casters
  • Full safety enclosure
  • Cam Clamp
  • Clamp bar
  • Vise
  • Vacuum pump
  • 1 1/2 HP dust collector
  • Toggle clamp set (4 pc)
  • Coolant system
  • 4th Axis rotary table with tailstock



  • 20” x 30” Process Area
  • Precision ball screws on all three axes 
  • 2 HP HSD high frequency collet spindle 
  • Brushless micro stepper motors and controls 
  • Vacuum T-slot table for easy part fixturing 
  • Easy-to-use hand held controller
  • Automatic tool calibration pad
  • Precision linear rails and bearings 

Different Views

Front View

Side View

Without Base



The HD II Tabletop CNC router comes equipped with a 2 HP HSD high frequency collet spindle.


The hand-held controller is the heart of the operational system. This hand-held controller redefines the phrase “easy-to-use”. Customers can be up and running the same day power is connected to the machine. The setup introduction manual provides information that will have users cutting parts in minutes.​


*Optional* Techno’s heavy duty steel base includes hand jack center cross strut for easy maneuverability. Techno’s safety enclosure feature ergonomic front main door with vertical swing, two side doors, (8) enclosure viewing windows, and 3.0” top dust collection port. Techno’s HD-II Table top router with stand and enclosure is designed to roll through a standard 36” door opening making this model machine easy and convenient to move around the facility.


Techno vacuum t-slot table comes standard on our HD-II machine. This unique design features multi-port zone sections which allows users to move gasketing around to create concentrated vacuum zones, where desired. The heavy duty aluminum t-slots allow for mechanical fixturing, if vacuum is not required.


Techno CNC Systems 4th axis rotary table assembly, includes 3.0″ 3-jaw chuck, linear guide rails, and live tail stock


Technical support, application engineering assistance, and remote diagnostics is FREE for the life of the machine via telephone, email, and remote logins

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