Scott Hoeffer of Insight Exhibits LLC

By Maryann Valentine

For 30 years, Scott Hoefer has been in the model making industry, working with different businesses to bring their visions to reality. Scott Hoefer originally began his career in 1990, focusing on working with various cosmetic companies in New York City. “We did lots of model making for the cosmetic, medical and toy industries. We fabricated people’s ideas and brought them to life. We worked closely with companies like Maybelline, Tom Ford, Avon, Toy Biz etc, and we were the most respected model making company in NYC for over 17 years”. During this time, Scott began working with a few museum fabricating caseworks for artifacts, platforms and extensive installation. Over the course of a few years, their business transformed, and they mainly started working with museums to create intricate museum exhibits with a quick turnaround time. Insight Exhibits LLC brings over twenty-five years of creative talent, skilled artistry, practical knowledge, and experience producing museum quality exhibits, custom cabinetry for your home or office, acrylic cases, store displays with superior quality. Scott excels in intricate exhibits in the heart of NYC. The company is one of a handful of design/build shops in the United States who specializes in design and fabrication of museum quality exhibits.

Back in 2005, Scott had needed to expedite prototypes quicker. He decided to purchase his first CNC router from Techno CNC, after doing extensive research with different CNC router companies. “We weren’t sure if the CNC would pay off, but decided to make the plunge, anyway. We were amazed how the router paid for itself in less than six months’ time. That’s how much work it was cutting for us. The router also gave our employees the ability to take on different tasks of our projects, as well. The router became an employee, in itself, and gave us the ability to produce parts faster and better”.

“Working in concert with museum directors, designers and architects enables us to bring their exhibit ideas into fruition. Custom made pedestals, acrylic display cases, platforms and our unique modular wall systems are all fabricated as required in our facility by a highly trained and competent staff. We can solidify your designs into a three dimensional reality by utilizing the latest CAD-CAM technology. The use of this very powerful software in conjunction with our CNC router permits unparalleled accuracy in the translation of any design file. Our fabrication process has been refined over the past 25 years to ensure smooth project from the time we receive the approved drawing to the final delivery and installation of the exhibit. Some of our capabilities include but are not limited to:

·         Working in any material; plastics, wood or metal

·         Creating exhibits built to any size scale

·         Delivering accurate color matching and spray painting

·         CNC routing in both 2D & 3D

·         Producing cases under the most strict conditions requirements to preserve artwork being displayed.

·         Fabricating into the casework all security requirements

·         Fabricating ADA compliant exhibits

·         Custom cabinetry for your home or office

After a few years of growth, Insight Exhibits LLC needed to upgrade to a bigger and better CNC router. They returned to Techno CNC to purchase their second router. The company purchased a 5×10 Venture Series CNC router with with a12HP HSD automatic tool changer, and 8-position rotary carousel, multi-zone double layer high flow vacuum table, and twin pack of rotary vane vacuum pumps. The machine also had material pop-up pins which makes loading and aligning the sheets quick and easy. The vacuum hood also is pneumatically controller therefore we can raise and lower on the fly to inspect our cut files. This is important when testing out new designs and cuts. The new Venture also was three times faster and more powerful than our first Techno router. It was powered by an industrial PC based controller which allowed us to network it into our production work environment. The cut quality and speed in which this new router performed was incredible. “Again, it was an excellent purchase. I knew we had the business to make the money for the CNC router. The new router was super reliable and produced parts twice as fast as the older model. We have also had great technical support since 2005. When you call Techno you always get a friendly person on the phone, not some automated phone system that disregards the importance of your business. We rely on this machine, and when we have questions we need answers because time is money. Even if a tech is not immediately available I get a call back within an hour or less. They never look for extra money for technical support. They are always there to help and guide you. It has been the best possible service. We have been in business for over 30 years and we have never been a day late for a project, so when something is off with the router, we need to be up and running ASAP. And Techno gives us just that”.

Scott Hoefer’s business has taken off in the past few years. Museum contacts hear about us through word of mouth advertising mostly, and we are then able to bid on their jobs. We currently work with companies like Japan Society, Princeton University, Yale, Corning Glass, The Ringling Museum, The Rubin Museum, Asia Society and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. One of the advantages to having a CNC router is that it can hold the tolerances that we require, so we can fit all of the pieces together. “Another advantage of having our CNC router is it is basically an employee that doesn’t complain, take a break, get sick, etc. One a month, we grease and lube our Venture Series. This is crucial for the router, and will make the router last for 20+ years. My biggest advice to new CNC router owners would be to take care of your router and maintenance your machine frequently”.

“I just wanted to thank you for your tech support for my Techno CNC Venture Router. In today’s day, almost every company who sells you a machine and promises service will not give you the time of day… just excuses/more of a reason why it is not covered or how much it will cost per minute for technical support. I cannot express my gratitude on the help I have received from techno over the past 6 years I have owned my CNC router, and the 8 years of tech support for my previous Techno router.  You and the team at Techno CNC stand behind what you sell 100%. I am a hard person to please. I have been servicing the museum industry for over 30 years and have never been a day late on any job in the past 30 years. Once again, I would like to thank you for your service and reliable machinery. Please take a look at our website
90 % of these jobs were cut on our Techno CNC Venture Router”.


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