PRoblem and Solution

Laser cuts on one side of machine and will not maintain cut.Make sure all mirrors are clean.
Make sure all mirrors are properly aligned and light spots are taken at each mirror.
Check that laser tube is firmly secured in locking cradle
Laser will cut through a certain thickness of material, using the proper power and speed settings. After a short period of time, the laser no longer cuts through the material using the same settingsCheck the laser’s light path and make any adjustments to mirrors if alignment is off. This process can be found in the Techno CNC Laser User Manual.
If mirrors have been aligned and the issue continues, go through the proper procedure for removing the laser tube. Once the tube is removed, check that the tube’s brackets mounted on the machine are tight and secure. Loose brackets can cause the tube to shift during the cutting process, skewing the light path. Once brackets have been tightened and secured, go through the proper laser tube installation process and realign the light path.
Power breaker was tripped while machine was running a job. After re-enabling the breaker and turning on the machine's power, the controller and stepper drives do no turn on, but the water chiller and compressor, plugged into the machine power on.Disconnect power from machine. Open the door that houses the machine's power breaker wiring. A wire is most likely loose or disconnected from the breaker. Reconnect any loose wires, close the breakers' door, and apply power back to the machine.
Machine randomly stops in the middle of cutting and requires reset. It is also observed black burning or arcing is burning laser safety enclosure.1. Check to make sure proper ground is connected to machine. It is recommended a dedicated 6 ft. ground rod is installed
2. Check to make sure laser tube rubber boot is properly installed over the end of the laser tube, and fuller covers screw terminal.
The rear breaker randomly trips and requires constant attention.Unplug the water chiller and pump from the rear power source of the machine, and plug directly into wall outlet. If this does not rectify the problem, then the main control board needs to be replaced.
Machine will connect and download files from a laptop, but will not recognize a USB drive when plugged into the machine and/or mother boardMake sure that the .rd file is visible when drive is plugged into a computer. If it is, then reformat the thumbdrive using file system FAT. If the drive is still not recognized after reformatting, contact support for further assistance.
The laser does not cut through the material and the kerf of the laser is much larger than it should be.The lens is not seated in the correct location. The lens should be inserted from the bottom of the laser head with the rounded side of the lens facing mirror #3. If the problem persists, a new laser tube or power supply may be required.