LC Amplifier Status

It may be necessary to check to see if an amplifier is enabling. First, find your Controller box.

On the LC Plus control box:

The amplifier status is read out on the badge in the front. Axis 1,2,3,4 have lights. If the light is lit, the amplifier is enabled.
If no lights are lit, the problem is likely the transformer. Find a qualified electrician with a multimeter and then Contact Support.
If some lights are lit and others are not, the problem is likely the amplifiers. The box will need servicing. Contact Support.

On Premium Class control box:

The amplifiers are blue boxes inside the console.
Access to the console should only be attempted by a qualified electrician. The control box has multiple high voltage sources
. Once access is granted, there will be 3 or 4 blue boxes with green or red blinking LEDs.
If the LEDS are not lit, there is no power.
If the LEDS are red, there is an error.
If the LEDS are solid green, that amplifier is enabled and working properly
If the LEDS are blinking green, that amplifier is disabled but working properly

On the Servo Box 1 and 2:

The LEDS across the front of the box (horizontally) represent the amplifier status.
Unlit means the amps are not enabled.
Lit means the amplifiers are enabled.
If some amps are lit and others are not, there is likely a problem with the amplifier.

LC Plus / MP contAmplifier status is not observable on the low power LC control box.roller / Premium Controller