LC Frozen Axes


All axes are frozen (i.e. will not move for some reason) but CAN be moved manually
All Axes will not move via interface or when running an NC file.
Receives multiple "M-x Position error, no power to controller. Re-enable controller?", circular error

Possible Causes

1) It is possible the router's controller is simply not powered up.
2) The SCSI cable, for some reason, is not making the required connection between the PC to the controller.
3) The Computer card is either not functioning or not properly installed
4) The Controller mainboard is not functioning.


1) Turn the router's Controller "ON", and verify that ALL the controller's LED lights are "Lit" and the controller is "ON"
2) Clean and re-seat the SCSI connector, starting with the end connecting to the PC. Test the cable for continuity with a multimeter.
3) Check Device Manager and verify PCI card is working. If not, reinstall driver and/or re-seat the card in the PCI slot.
XP: Right-click "My Computer", click "Properties", click "Hardware" tab, click "Device Manager" button.
Vista and Windows 7: Click "Start Button", click "Control Panel", click "Device Manager"
4) If you suspect the controller mainboard is not functioning properly, contact Techno's Technical Support department.