PRoblem and Solution

PROBLEM: Set up software for plasma cutter

SOLUTION: CAM Post Processors: Obtain and use the standard Post Processor for your CAM software. No special post is necessary. Disregard any mention of special Plasma Posts for Techno CNC plasma cutters. There was a very short time where a special post was necessary, but this is absolutely no longer the case. In the CNC Interface: There are a few things to set in the CNC interface: Upgrade your software if you are using a version lower than 1.421.40 Left-click and hold on the pre-process button until the Pre-Pre-processor window opens. Select the plasma pre-preprocessor on the left and click the arrow to move it to the right. Click OK to close the Pre-Pre-Procesor window Click Setup Click Advanced Check the box marked Plasma Cutter Present Click OK in the lower left. The software will restart. On the right side, there will now be a box for plasma settings. Consult the manual for proper operation from this point.

PROBLEM: The plasma touch off is not working

SOLUTION: The issue may be related to slag built up in the shield and nozzle of the torch. Does it go straight up as soon as you do "touch top"? If so, remove the wire from the nozzle and try again, if it starts moving down, Choose "ESCAPE" or "STOP". This indicates slag in the nozzle.

PROBLEM: During "touch top" process, machine's z-axis moves down in the negative direction, then will stop and move to its home position (top position) before touching the material. The controller displays "ABORT: Check Torch"

SOLUTION: The torch cable becomes too taut as it is getting closer to the material causing the cable to pull the torch up, enabling the torch break away function. Pull the torch cable through the cable carrier until there is enough cable for the torch to descend to its lowest position. Secure the cable in this position on the cable carrier to prevent it from moving back and causing this problem again in the future.

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