“About five years ago, we purchased our HD Series 4 x 8 CNC Router from Techno CNC Systems. We had been thinking of purchasing a router for some time, going back and forth, debating whether we wanted to make the investment. By way of background, we are a full service commercial sign company located in the center of Long Island, New York. We design, manufacture and install a complete range of signs for commercial clients. We have always prided ourselves in providing a complete range of signs to our clients. In the past it was often necessary to outsource a fair amount of our work. Our decision to purchase a router evolved from a larger decision to bring more of our work in house. Our goal was to have greater control over the manufacturing process and to have greater control over timing and scheduling. We also wanted to increase our profits by paying less to subcontractors.”

                 “When we first purchased the router we had three (3) uses in mind: We wanted to route or carve our own “wood” signs; we wanted to make our own architectural letters; and we wanted to cut the time it took us to make illuminated channel letters by routing the acrylic faces and aluminum backs. All three uses were an immediate success. After learning how to program and operate the router (with the invaluable assistance from the guys at Techno CNC Systems) we were quickly making our own carved wood signs, architectural letters, and illuminated channel letters. Our design process hadn’t changed. We use Flexi from SAi to create all of our graphic designs and open them in Enroute to create the tool paths. Enroute’s advanced cutting features make it easy to program and output to the machine. We then take the NC file to the machine and execute the program. We were now able to make these products when we wanted, and how we wanted, quickly. And we were making more money than ever before on these products. Something unexpected also happened —  We started to win more orders and contracts for these products. Making more of our own signs in house has made us more competitive with pricing and scheduling which has helped us to win more jobs.”

                 “Our Techno CNC HD Series has significantly changed how we do business. For many products, our turnaround time is quicker, our quality is better, more consistent, and our profit margins are up. We have entered new business lines, too. Not surprisingly we have started to discuss purchasing a second Techno router.”


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