Customer Testimonials

Scott Hoefer, Insight Exhibits LLC

“I just wanted to thank you for your tech support for my Techno CNC Router. In today’s day, almost every company who sells you a machine and promises service will not give you the time of day… just excuses/more of a reason why it is not covered or how much it will cost per minute for technical support. I cannot express my gratitude on the help I have received from techno over the past 6 years I have owned my CNC router, and the 8 years of tech support for my previous Techno router. You and the team at Techno CNC stand behind what you sell 100%. I am a hard person to please. I have been servicing the museum industry for over 30 years and have never been a day late on any job in the past 30 years. Once again, I would like to thank you for your service and reliable machinery”.

Timothy David, Breakthrough Productions

“Purchasing the Techno CNC HDS 5×10 router is one of the best decisions we have made. Being in a business where versatility is essential in our equipment; building everything from casework up to funky shaped tunnels and custom aluminum brackets which need to withstand engineering scrutiny we found a great tool in our router. There are days we start with cutting standard plywoods, shift to cutting 3” thick foam, then finish the day cutting Sintra and acrylic. All with immense ease. The best part of having our router is having a great team standing behind their product. Any questions we have get answered very quick. Coming from a background with experience in similarly priced lesser quality machines, and working on machines 3x the price of ours, the service and care experienced with the Techno team is top-notch and their dedication rivals that of other machine companies and we are extremely happy and have no regrets. The machine has allowed us to compete with companies 10-100x our size”.
product, and great service”.

Christian Magro, ACM Solutions

“The team at Techno is reliable, fast, and efficient. I always get instant help and instant service. They never make you feel as though there is ever a stupid question to ask. Support is key for these machines… Techno CNC’s tech support is incerdible. I have been working with Techno machines for over 12 years now. I can’t wait to buy my next CNC router from Techno CNC”.

Kevin Zettle, KZ Customs

“I’ve recommended my Techno router to a lot of my friends, who have actually went ahead and purchased their own Techno CNC. It is a reliable machine, and allows me to complete rigorous projects that I would never be able to do without it. I am making more money than ever before, and I get to do something that I love every single day. The opportunities are truly endless”.

Jarod Menke, Jarod’s Gunstocks

“Overall, I am extremely satisfied with all three of my Techno CNC routers. When I purchased my first Techno CNC router over 15 years ago, a Premium Class Series, I had to figure out my own groove for CNC
equipment. I knew nothing about CNC. After some time and late night practicing, I can now run my machines with my eyes shut. My second CNC purchase from Techno CNC was even easier to learn how to use, since it had the same controller as my Premium class Series. And now that I purchased Techno’s new Titan Series CNC router a few months ago and learned about WinCNC controllers, I can do so much more”.

Rob Staropoli, Robert Staropoli Cabinetry

“The Atlas Series has been an excellent machine to enter into the CNC world. When purchasing a CNC router, I found Techno to be extremely reliable, as well. Whenever I called Techno for a simple tech support question, a living breathing person answered the phone, and I know I am always going to get the answer immediately. I never feel as though I am getting pushed around, like some of the other reviews claimed with larger CNC companies. That was huge for my purchasing decision. They have free lifetime support, as well, so I never have to worry about paying for technical advice and care”.

Matt Haack, Old Goat Custom Woods

“There are no cons to having a Techno CNC router. It is strong and robust, and gets the job done every time. It really comes down to what you can do personally… if you can design and program it, the router can do the rest. I have done an array of different projects for customers. I have put a 4×8 table on the bed of my CNC router and resurfaced the entire thing flat on both sides. It’s amazing how versatile the CNC machine is. It takes a lot of dust and dirt and never stops running – It can do anything”.

Mark Trebilcock

I wanted to express my appreciation for your company’s commitment to me as a customer. I realize that things can go wrong regardless of how much preparation or how good everyone’s intentions may be. However, what really indicates the quality of a company or person, is how they respond to issues when they arise. I would like to personally thank all of you, with special appreciation to you Lori. While I don’t know what was going on behind the scenes, I did feel as though you had my back. Having spent countless hours over more than a year looking for the right machine/company/cost combination, I cannot fully express how happy I am to have selected Techno equipment as the my CNC equipment supplier. Sure is awesome in today’s world to be able to call for help and talk to real people who know what they are doing and provide the level of assistance that you and your team did.

Christian Magro, ACM Solutions

“I wanted to thank everyone over there for being part of an incredible year. ACM Solutions has a frame shop, needlework shop, cork shop and cutout shop…. We also have our custom mirror shop Peck-n-Scratch AND yet another shop (ACMS Plaque Shop) set to open first of the year. ALL of these shops make use of my Techno CNC machines…and they are pushed quite hard. This upcoming year has us getting our new shop built…it is located on our property and is current at post/beam stage. My son and I are building it ourselves with no outside help…it is 2,600 SF…two levels. Our current plan has us getting another machine (or two) but I don’t know the size quite yet.’

So if you would not mind….. Please let everyone there know that their product and great customer service has played a huge part in making this year great for our businesses. I sincerely wish everyone there a happy and safe New Year and look forward to having Techno make next year even better”


“Thank you so much for getting me the switches and helping me out with the Issue I had. The machine is back in operational order, and I am grateful for your services”.

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