Techno CNC x the gunfather

Making Gunstocks with our CNC's

Techno CNC Systems is now in partnership with Custom Shop, Inc in Hamilton, Montana, the home of the Outdoor Channel’s exciting show “The Gunfather”. Techno CNC machines will now be seen on The Outdoor Channel on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM ET.

the gunfather outdoor channel - techno cnc gunstocks

The home of the Outdoor Channel’s exciting show “The Gunfather”

Louie Tuminaro, owner of Custom Shop, Inc, flew to our headquarters in Ronkonkoma, NY back in March to see his new CNC router. In hopes to produce gunstocks more efficiently and quickly, we hooked him up with an automatic tool changer CNC machine, the Titan Series CNC machine; fully equipped with a fourth axis rotary table, a 12HP HSD automatic tool changer with 8-position tool rack, a pneumatically operated dust collection hood, multi-zone vacuum t-slot table, (3) material pop-up pins for easy sheet alignment, 10HP Becker rotary vane vacuum pump, and brushless drive motors.

the gunfather - techno cnc

Techno CNC Visits The Gunfather

In late 2022, Techno CNC Systems was approached by Louie Tuminaro, owner of The Custom Shop Inc., to partner with them on their hit TV show, “The Gunfather Restorations”, featured on the Outdoor Channel network. Louie wanted to showcase his skills in restoring classic and rare firearms, alongside modern day manufacturing techniques. Louie explained, in detail, the bottle- necks he experienced in reproducing gun stocks and pistol grips using conventional methods, such as pantograph machines and skilled craftsmen using hand tools. These methods were very time-consuming and costly, preventing The Custom Shop from being able to manufacture and reproduce these rare gun stocks and grips to a point where it was not profitable or feasible to expand the business. Louie needed a better solution and began to research and found Techno CNC Systems located in Ronkonkoma, NY. It turns out Louie was born and raised on Long Island and grew up in Patchogue, NY– the neighboring town just 10 minutes from Techno’s facility. Louie immediately reached out to Techno and scheduled a Skype meeting with management. With the vast experience Techno CNC has in all aspects of manufacturing; the Techno CNC team was excited for the opportunity to work with Louie and his crew. After careful review of the Custom Shop’s needs, Techno’s engineers chose the Titan series machine. The Titan series machine features a 12HP automatic tool changer, vacuum T-slot table, rotary vane vacuum pump, pop-up pins for easy sheet alignment, and a 4th axis rotary table for indexing the gun stock for full 360-degree processing. The control system is a digital AC servo system with a PC based controller. This configuration would handle any and all gun stocks large and small. The 5×10 table size would also allow pistol grip production, gun stock cases, and other related products without interrupting the turning portion of the machine. This allows for quick and easy setup of any part production.

Techno’s team visited The Custom Shop in Hamilton, Montana in April of 2023, after the machine was built and delivered. Louies team had designed and built a custom woodshop / TV set for the new Titan Series machine. The new set included other tools that would be used in conjunction with the machine, such as a 3D scanner and a Fusion 360 CAD/CAM workstation. After a tour of the facility, the Techno engineers began the training process, covering machine setup, operations, proper tooling and cutting strategies, along with calculating speeds and feeds to optimize production capabilities. By the end of the 2-day session, the Techno CNC machine

was able to reproduce a stock in less than 3 hours. Louie and his team of engineers were ecstatic with the results. The stock came off the machine with perfect part geometrical accuracy and a very fine finish due to the high resolution of the servo motors and drive system. This fine result would save hundreds of hours of skilled craftsmen’s final touches. Finally, Louie could reproduce gun stocks and pistol grips and be competitive in the market. This new modern technology is now revolutionizing The Custom Shop’s production methods and improving quality.


With a fully trained staff, we are super excited to see what The Custom Shop Inc. will produce on “The Gunfather Restorations” TV series. Make sure you tune in to see Season 2 of “The Gunfather Restorations”, which is due to air in September 2023. We are very excited to see the Titan series machine featured in these new episodes. Like all of our customers, we are also looking forward to a lifelong relationship with The Custom Shop Inc. and seeing where this machine takes them in the future.