PRoblem and Solution

PROBLEM: E-stop pushed in.


SOLUTION:Release E-stop, and click E-stop release on screen.

PROBLEM: Machine suddenly stopped in the middle of a cut and displayed 2 error messages.


SOLUTION: 1. Check over travel limit switches and wiring connections on all three axes to see if they have malfunctioned. Easy test is to tap the switches by hand or shake the wires to see if the error messages pop up again on the system interface.
2. Check tool touch off probe to make sure it is functioning correctly and not sticking. If probe is sticking, clean unit with WD-40 and or replace.

PROBLEM: G-code file will go beyond the table size if run.


SOLUTION: Adjust working origin. Redo G-code file to correct size.

PROBLEM: Machine has not been homed.

Error Message: 011 AXES NOT REFERENCED

SOLUTION: Press Home All on screen.

PROBLEM: Handwheel is active.

Error Message: 013 MPG ENABLED

SOLUTION: Click on Auto or Continuous to deactivate handwheel.

PROBLEM: Spindle will not turn on.

Error Message: 022 Warning! temporary spindle stop

SOLUTION: Can be a result of a bad relay. Generally the third relay from the left. 10-series has O28 on it, open series has 029.

PROBLEM: One of the axis amps shut down.

Error Message: 034 AXIS DRIVES FAULT

SOLUTION: Cycle power on and off to reset amp. Check cables going to Amp.

PROBLEM: Spindle had a fault and shut down.


SOLUTION: Cycle power on and off to restart inverter.

PROBLEM: The over travel limit switch has been triggered.


SOLUTION: Slowly jog machine away from end of gantry. Check limit switches for debris.

PROBLEM: Spindle will not turn on.

Error Message: 088 Spindle 1 stopped fault

SOLUTION: Can be a result of a bad relay. Generally the third relay from the left. 10-series has O28 on it, open series has 029.

PROBLEM: Dust collector hose is arcing to your dust hood.

SOLUTION: Check that your dust collector flex hose and metal ducting are properly grounded to the ground rod. In addition, the machine controller should be properly grounded so that system interruption or failure does not occur due to poor ground.

PROBLEM: During the Homing process, the machine will make contact with the limit switches then back off and continue to slowly move in the opposite direction without stopping.

There are loose input wires inside of the controller cabinet.
On 10 series controllers (2010 – 2012) the inputs are I/01 jumped to I/02 for the y-axis, I/00 for the x-axis, and I/03 for the z-axis. These inputs can be found on the RIO I/O modules mounted on the right side of the controller cabinet.
On the Open series controllers (2013 – present day) the inputs are as follows: I/03 and I/04 for the y-axis, I/02 for the x-axis, and I/05 for the z-axis. These inputs can be found on the Osai I/O module. This is mounted directly to the right of the Osai controller. There will also be Ethernet connections between the module and the controller.

PROBLEM: HDS Machine Freezes during Tool change, or when it tries to do a tool change in a g-code file.

This error can occur if the pneumatic sensor on the dust shroud is faulty. To check this. Press dust Shroud UP on the main screen. Look at the sensor on the piston, it should be red when the shroud is up. If not, move the sensor around the cylinder until the light comes on. If the light will not come on, it will need to be replaced.

PROBLEM: Syntax Error when loading a g-code file.

There is an unrecognized command in the g-code file. Use the correct Techno post in the CAM package and output the file again.

PROBLEM: If the HDS machine gets a servo error: EE001 Process: 1 Servo error axis X A servo error would suggest that the motor encountered enough resistance to basically trip the breaker on the amplifier. The machine will not home.

Was there anything from preventing the machine from moving freely? Did it hit the end of travel?
The first thing you would need to do is turn off the machine in order to clear that error. That is an amplifier fault and needs to be reset to clear. Once the machine is powered down, push the x axis a little bit, towards the middle of the machine. It should move pretty easily.
Check all of the cables going to the x motor and make sure that nothing is loose. Also, check the wires inside the control box. The amplifiers are the 4 boxes along the top of the control box. Make sure that all of the connectors are secure on them.
Restart the machine and try to home again. Let Techno know if you see the error again.

PROBLEM: The safety interlock has been triggered during the cut cycle

Error Message: 089 Zone A intrusion sensor tripped

SOLUTION: Exit safe zone, reset controller, and restart program.

PROBLEM: The safety interlock has been triggered during the cut cycle

Error Message: 090 Zone b intrusion sensor tripped

SOLUTION: Exit safe zone, reset controller, and restart program.

PROBLEM: Program exceeds the positive or negative limit on the axis. The command is not executed. The origin was not set properly before the program was ran.

Error Message: 22/60 or 22/61 Error Pass Positive/Negative Limit

1. Check g-code file and/or drawing on your CAM software. Make sure the part is not going to exceed the over travel limits on the machine. If the problem persists, contact support. 2. To properly set the origin before running a file; bring each axes to where you would like the origin to be set. With the machine on "continuous" mode click "save origin". On the new screen, first IDENTIFY THE TOOL that is in the spindle and click on "ORI set". Fill in an origin number (you can save up to 8 separate origins) as well as zero values for each axes, then click ok. Your origin is now set and you may return to the main screen to load the g-code file.

PROBLEM: A file in the Osai controller has been corrupted.

Error Message: HD001 File configuration not found SYSTEM STOPPED

SOLUTION: Contact Techno immediately upon seeing this error. An Osai system restore will be necessary. NOTE: This error has nothing to do with the computer.

PROBLEM: G-code file has an incorrect arc

Error Message: NC030 Circle is not Congruent. Dynamic mode not Congruent

SOLUTION: Arcs must be absolute i’s and j’s, or created using R. Select one of these options in the CAM post processor.

PROBLEM: The G-code file is trying to run beyond the table size.

Error Message: NC101 Process 1 Positive over Travel

SOLUTION: Adjust Origin Redo G-code File

PROBLEM: Tried to press Cycle start to run file.

Error Message: NC123 Bad Cycle Mode

SOLUTION: Hold is active, press hold to release, select Auto, press Cycle Start.

PROBLEM: Check incoming power.

Error Message: VFD Error CF 3.6 or HPF

SOLUTION: Must be 208 - 230 V

To change the touch off location, do the following:

Click on ODM

Open Network
Click Amp (one with the watch symbol)
Click [1] Process
Click user variables
Change the Y variable. NOTE: make sure you correct in the right direction.
Click save
Click on the top toolbar icon - compile amp (it has blue arrow on it) You are done. Test

Problem: Machine Stops during tool changes, stops at unlock drawbar in g-code macro.

SOLUTION: Low incoming air pressure. Check that PSI to machine is sufficient. Check all hose connections in rear of machine as well as on the front of the spindle.
Check to see that the dust shroud sensor is lit red when the dust shroud is in the up position. If not, readjust sensor or replace.

Problem: Tool cuts deeper than it's suppose to

This is usually a result of the wrong tool length. Relearn the tool lengths and reset your Z Zero position. The tool can be pulled out of the collet when routing. If you are using a large spiral upcut tool and have a universal collet (metric and inch), the tool grip may not be adequate. To verify this is happening measure tool length manually, perform cut, and see if it protrudes out. The touch off probe can be dirty, therefore, proving inaccurate tool offset. The probe can be cleaned, but if this doesn't work, then it requires replacement.

Problem: If the HDS machine gets a 'skew error':

- Check the display on the motor amplifier (machine would have to be run with the control console door open). The most common scenario is if the amplifier displays "ALE011" or "AL011" (depending on the amplifier model), which is an encoder error.
- Check to make sure that all of the cables are securely connected to the amplifier and motor. If the cables are secure, the other potential causes of that error would be a damaged encoder on the motor itself or a damaged encoder cable. Either would have to be replaced.
- Other amplifier errors would suggest other problems, such as a servo error.