Venture Series 5ft x 16ft

Key CNC Interface Features:
  • Full automated tool length offset cycle
  • Remote access
  • Intuitive design and operation *Skip functionality
  • Highly Customizable
  • Built-in editor for shop floor modifications
  • Machine feed rate and spindle override control
  • Continuous step jogging, or convenient hand-held pulse generator can be used to fine tune positional locations
  • CNC NC code previewer
  • I/O machine status display
  • Convenient vacuum pump switches on console interface
  • Convenient pop-up pin switches on console interface
  • Real time file execution
  • System include PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and work platform on the control cabinet.


Designed using finite element analysis. All steel tubular construction that is stress relieved and precision machined. Total weight 4500lbs


Industrial Osai open series PC based CNC controller. OSAI is based on Multi-Platform software architecture. The real time multi-task operating system offers accurate and safe axis control that can be completed with the system’s own technological algorithms. Additionally, a standard Windows operating system provides a friendly and familiar operator interface. OSAI combines the ease-of-use, flexibility and connectivity of a fully-equipped Windows PC, with the power, durability, reliability and serviceability of a true CNC machine controller.

Drive Motors

750 watt Yaskawa AC Servo motors and drives. Connected via high speed ethernet connection resulting in high speed ultra smooth motions. Servo motors are directly coupled to precision helical pinion thus providing high power directly to the axes.

Drive System

Precision Helical rack-n-pinion on X / Y, Ball screw on Z-axis. Features position accuracy of .003 in/m and repeatability of +/-.003 inches 


12HP HSD Automatic Tool Changer with 8-position rotary carousel. Fully programmable speeds from 12,000 to 24,000 RPM Includes: (8) ISO 30 tool holders, (8) ER32 collets: (1) automatic tool length calibration touch pad, pnuemtically operated vacuum hood with concentrated air flow at the spindle for optimal dust collection performance. Spindle runs 65db – ultra quiet operation

Vacuum Table

1 inch thick vacuum phenolic vacuum T-slot table (six zones)