The Venus series CNC Plasma is constructed using rigid materials delivering ultra-smooth plasma cutting results.. The Venus CNC Plasma can be equipped with a variety of plasma torch power supplies, each one capable of cutting different material thicknesses. The gantry height is 7-1/2”, which provides maximum flexibility to cut sheet goods and larger or taller welded assemblies. The Venus includes a stainless steel water table, which absorbs about 90% of the smoke created when cutting. The Venus plasma comes with a steel base and safety enclosure, which includes a top smoke evacuation port so it can be plumbed into an existing ventilation system if desired. The machine drive motors are powerful NEMA 34 sized high speed stepper motors, directly coupled to precision ball screws on all three axes. This provides optimum power, speed, and accuracy when cutting thin sheet metal or thicker plate stock. The plasma torch is cradled in an electronic, automatic, torch breakaway module, using a real time CNC torch height control system. The Venus Plasma has a PC based industrial controller with a Windows 10 operating system and uses an Ethernet connection for high-speed communication and uninterrupted processing. The system interface is easy to learn, easy to use, and makes the machine operation simple for instructors and students. No other machine on the market includes all of these features and capabilities.

Featured List

20” x 30” Process area

Precision ball screws on all three axes

Hypertherm Torch

Brushless micro stepper motors and controls

Stainless steel water tray with vertical grid

Automatic torch height control

Linear rails and bearings

Electronic Torch Breakaway



Plasma Torch

The Venus plasma torch is cradled in an electronic, automatic, torch breakaway module, using a real time CNC torch height control system.



The WinCNC interface is a controller system with step jog for fine incremental control, start, stop and pause buttons, single button for safety clearance position, absolute and relative coordinates control, and more.

Safety Enclosure

*Optional* Techno’s heavy duty steel base includes hand jack center cross strut for easy maneuverability. Techno’s safety enclosure features ergonomic front main door with vertical swing, two side doors, (8) enclosure viewing windows, and 3.0” top smoke ventilation port. Techno’s Venus Table top Plasma with stand and enclosure is designed to roll through a standard 36” door opening making this model machine easy and convenient to move around the facility.

Water Table

Techno Venus comes standard with Stainless steel water tank with extra high side walls keeping the messy sludge inside the tank with built in drain valve the Venus water table is easy to maintain. 



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