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April 2021

We’ve made it easy for you! Read about what’s “been happening” in the CNC world the past few weeks. April has kept us busy here at Techno CNC!

April 2021

We love seeing what you’re building in class! Maryland schools are hard at work using their Techno CNC Atlas Series Model with students… so cool to see! The future is CNC! Get future ready with CNC equipment from Techno CNC Systems.

April 2021

150W C02 Laser Cutter: CNC Laser Cutter Machine Demos

Did you know we also manufacture CO2 150W Laser Cutters? Speak with an expert today to find the correct laser cutter for your business. Techno CNC System’s C02 Laser Cutter is manufactured using global state-of-the-art techniques with advanced engineering and workmanship. The C02 Laser Cutter is built to last with all-steel construction, precision linear rails and bearings, and state-of-the-art C02 Laser cutter is compatible with all graphic design software packages. Compatible cutting wood (plywood, MDF, composite wood), plastics (thin polycarbonate, acrylic, lucite, plexiglass), some foams, cork, leather, paper. Can Etch in all the above materials and also Glass, ceramic, aluminum, painted metals, stone. These materials can only be etched, not cut.

April 2021

Architectural mock ups by @payettepeople using PBLT-15 from @coastalenterprises using our HDS Series CNC Router model

April 2021

when your full sheet of material is optimized >>>>
Photo by Simon Elliots @simonelliotevents on their Titan Series Machine

April 2021

Lenoble Lumber sent us an email saying “quick shot of what’s cooking over here today” with this photo attached… tis always a good day when something “is cooking” on your CNC table! Thanks for the content, @lenoblelumber 🔥

Machine: HDS Series
Material being cut: 1/2” Sintra

April 2021

3 axis project for students over at USC on our CNC router machine. The students are working on perfecting simple surfaces milled as molds using materials like plastic, ceramic slip or high-strength mortar. Excellent Job Scott, @texas_stranger

March 2021

Cutting-edge science facility establishes University’s research identity.

Payette of Boston has created an in-house fab lab to help bring their ideas to life. Augmenting their in-house model shop, their satellite fabrication space expands their research and prototyping capacities, providing a flexible environment that can adapt to evolving design goals and project demands. Their fabrication capacities sponsor a feedback-loop between design and construction, challenging architectural concepts with the rigors of physical production in an immediate and informative way. At the same time, they question conventional construction methods to enhance building performance and human experience.

March 2021

CNC Router Furniture Design: Solid Maple Credenza Table By Hachi Collections on a Titan Series CNC Router by Techno CNC. Oil Finished.

March 2021

Woodworking Ideas: Bleached White Oak with white epoxy inlays // CNC Router Projects


Bleached White Oak with white epoxy inlays being routed into a dining table by Hachi Collections on our Titan Series Model. Materials : Bleached Solid Oak Polyurethane finished white epoxy Machine: Titan Series CNC Router by Techno CNC Systems Size[inch] : Dia 48” x H29” Available in: Custom size and Finished

March 1, 2021

6′ diameter circle with a star shape center done by IGO Production

8 custom file cabinets with solid hickory drawer faces, with pre-finished maple interiors and soft close drawers made by Completely Custom Woodworks on their Titan Series

1″ CNC router MDF work tops ad portable full sized router table design by the worked at FabHaus
white oak slabs being flattened over at SH Cabinetry

Feb 2021

We are using a 1/16” spiral down cutter at 50 in/min to cut through a plastic dashboard. In one pass: cut on the Atlas Series CNC machine by Techno
This sample required some special/custom fixturing and a small cutter for sharp inside corners.
This video came at the request of a current customer who is fabricating auto dashboards and instrument panels for insertion of components, such as air vents, display screens, gauges, and buttons.

Feb 2021

HDS Series-New Video

Our HDS Series is a full production CNC router that is designed for mid-large sized shops requiring reliability, accuracy and affordability. Our HDS Series is shown routing materials like aluminum, plastic, MDF and wood in the following video.

Feb 2021

Getting a custom Goliath Series ready to ship!
Our Goliath series CNC router is designed for unconventionally thick foam cutting, mainly for custom displays. What is unique about this particular machine going out our door is the 36” gantry height that accommodates 48” of z-axis travel. Equipped with a 12hp ATC spindle, AC Servo motors and drives and our American made PC based controller. Machine can route at speeds up to 1000 inches/min. Also, this CNC router in particular is equipped with pneumatic assist cylinders, which result in higher z-axis speeds when cutting 3D models.

Feb 2021

… get a CNC router so it can drill the holes for you 😆
5 sheets being routed over at @moyercabinets for a walk in pantry with adjustable shelving job.

January 2021

Custom casing moulding with bead and barrel insert for historical restoration. Work done by @jaws_inc on a 5×10 HDS Series Techno CNC Router

January 2021

Entryway layout and sign fabricated for Reed Furniture Elkhorn, WI and Wallace Lake Supper Club. Signs routed and designed by @woodensignco on their Techno CNC router

January 2021

Sign a Rama finished signs they cut here on their new Titan  Series CNC router

January 2021

Huffy Green Machine made by students in tech-ed class (photo by @mooseco_usa)

January 2021

Bathroom vanity with textured doors made by Moyer Cabinets. Door panel was made with 5/8 refined MDF. Rails and stiles were made with European Beechwood. 

January 2021

Custom arch Table PAZLE in Sliced Maple Veneer made by Hachi Collections


Routed using Techno’s Titan Series CNC Router

January 2021

Decorative Light Boxes by Chateau Brooklyn for Elements Festival. Made using their Techno router.


January 2021

Custom frames specifically for use with embroidery hoops made by Christian Magro from ACM Solutions. www.acmsolutionsllc.com

Made using our HDS Series CNC router

December 2020

“I wanted to thank everyone over there for being part of an incredible year. ACM Solutions has a frame shop, needlework shop, cork shop and cutout shop…. We also have our custom mirror shop Peck-n-Scratch AND yet another shop (ACMS Plaque Shop) set to open first of the year. ALL of these shops make use of my Techno CNC machines…and they are pushed quite hard. This upcoming year has us getting our new shop built…it is located on our property and is current at post/beam stage.

My son and I are building it ourselves with no outside help…it is 2,600 SF…two levels.

Our current plan has us getting another machine (or two) but I don’t know the size quite yet.’

So if you would not mind….. Please let everyone there know that their product and great customer service has played a huge part in making this year great for our businesses.”I sincerely wish everyone there a happy and safe New Year and look forward to having Techno make next year even better”

Christian Magro

Owner – ACM Solutions, LLC

January 2021

“Red Deer is a working class, small city.  Our student population has many first-generation post-secondary students coming from agricultural or oil families.  I’ve been thinking about the importance of providing students with an experience that promotes diversity and inclusion in technology.  Also, it was super fun.  it was definitely their favorite assignment. All projects were made using our Techno CNC router.” – Marnie Blair, Red Deer College

July 2020

Multi-dimensional blade sign made by Wooden Sign Co using their Techno router. Amazing job!

June 2020

Amazing shadow box made by David Barton from Triple Crown Woodworking with a Techno router. Excellent!

June 2020

Excellent new work by @oldgoatcustomwoods using his Techno router – custom table with an autographing feature on the bottom for a marriage ceremony. Awesome!

June 2020

CNC Machining done at the NYIT Fab Lab

June 2020

Our routers can cut:
Solid Wood: Cottonwood, Pine, Redwood, Ash, Oak, Beech, Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Hard maple, Poplar, Teak, Walnut, Hickory, Purple Heart, Leopardwood, Tigerwood, Cocobolo, Bloodwood, Alder, Aspen, Basswood, Beech, Yellow Birch, Cypress, Red Elm, Gum, Hackberry, Pecan, Pacific Coast maple, Red Oak, Sassafras, Sycamore, Black Walnut, White Oak, Willow, African Padauk, Bolivian Rosewood, Hondura Mahogany, Wenge, Spanish Cedar
Soft wood: Pine, Soft Maple, Fir, Spruce, Hemlock ,Cedar, Redmood 
Composite Wood: OSB, MDF, LDF, Melamine, Particle Board, Plywood, Masonite 
Plastic: ABS, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, PVC, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Cast and Extruded Acrylic, HDPE, UHMW, Marine PVC, Lexan, Phenolic, Sintra, Nylon, Lucite, Solid Surface Materials, Luan, PET, Acetate, VHMW, Mica.
Foam: EVA, Precision Board, Sign Foam, Polystyrene, Polyethylene, Styramfoam, Polyurethane, Foam Rubber, Silicone Rubber, Urethane.
Metal: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Mild Steel, Stainless, Honeycomb Aluminum
Other: Machinable Wax, Ren Board, Vinyl Coated Panels, Gypsum, Butter Board, Fiberglass, Magnetic Rubber Mats, Composites, Leather, Mother-of-Pearl, Wood Veneers, G10, Delrin, Mat Board, Rubber, Modeling Clay

May 2020

Swim fins by @oldgoatcustomwoods using Maple, Cherry, Walnut and Paduka using his Techno router. Very cool

March 2020

Rob Staropoli from Rob Staropoli Cabinetry recently received his Atlas Series CNC router. He has since been designing and taking on 3x as many kitchen jobs.

Feb 2020

Sure Clip just received their first Titan Series Techno CNC router and they are already at it with cool projects! Way to go!


Feb 2020

Peck-n-Scratch creating custom mirror frame using 5×10 Techno Machine.
Frame is 56” Round, solid rustic alder 3” thick.
Pics showing “hogging out” of material prior to final carving and final carving.

January 2020

We had the pleasure of speaking with David Barton from Triple Crown Woodworking. 

David Barton is currently Active duty in the Navy, and residing in South Carolina to fulfill his career as an instructor at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Goose Creek, SC. He spent 7 years in Washington State working on Submarines and Aircraft Carriers, and currently teaches Chemistry and Radiological Controls to students at the NPTU. He mentors students on how to operate reactors at the naval base. And during his spare time, David has now become a CNC machine expert by working closely with his newest Techno CNC router.

To Read his Full Customer Story: Click Here

January 2020

Techno CNC Systems is proud to introduce Jim Anderson as the new Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast U.S.
With over 20 years CNC application engineering, sales, and machining experience, Jim’s enthusiasm and expertise is well suited to offer Techno customers superior support in choosing the right Techno router or plasma cutter for the job at hand.

December 2019

Awesome work done by Triple Crown Woodworking on one of our CNC Routers

October 28, 2019

This is the prototype part made by the students and professors at Fresno City College on our CNC routers. The actual finished product will be on another type of wood.

October 2019

Blade sign for the HOA at Lake Geneva Club in Fontana, WI.
23k Gold Leaf, Hand Shaped Roof and Ribbon, CNC carved and hand painted High Density Urethane by Tim Janda from The Wooden Sign Co

October 2019

Awesome signs made by a student in the Fresno City College Tech Ed class. Routed using one of our CNC routers

October 2019

Fresno City College students working on a project with one of our CNC Routers – totaling 140 toolboxes! New project record so early in the year. Great job!

September 2019

Awesome Video made by @MakerspaceCT using our Titan Series

August 2019

The students of Sociedad Latina just had the opportunity to get a demonstration of their new Techno CNC Router where they saw a design come to life. Thanks Tory!

July 2019

Techno CNC is currently at the ACTE’s in Kentucky. Come stop by our booth and say hi.

May 2019

White apoxy and walnut used for the top of a wood table by Liberty High School students! Another school using their Techno CNC router for endless STEM opportunities. 

May 2019

Our HDS Series CNC router arrived at @mentalcaseinc in Nashville, TN 👏🏼 can’t wait to see what you all make with your new Techno CNC router. 

April 2019

awesome dragon sculpture by Jamie Oxenham. This was fully tool pathed in @vectricltd on one of our routers! Awesome! 🐲🐉

April 2019

Tiffany Co event by IGO Production. All plexi panels and wood frames were cut using one of our routers! Thank you for the feature!

March 2019

Awesome photos from our customers over at Audio X, using their HD 4×4 Series CNC router

January 2, 2019

Lucas and Tim, from Tree House Hardwoods, picking up their new Titan CNC.


Dec. 17 2018

Awesome photos from Caroline Career and Tech Center! They are putting their Techno CNC Atlas Series to good use! Great work!!

Nov. 29, 2018

We are at the ACTE’s in San Antonio, TX from Nov. 29 – Dec. 1! Come say hi!

Nov. 14, 2018

Awesome new projects by Payette in Boston, MA. Here is a flip-milled acoustical mock up using 6″ high density foam by Parke. The mock-up was routed using our HDS Series CNC Router.

Nov. 14, 2018

3 machines heading out our doors today!

Nov. 6, 2018

Hopes Woodshop routes a reception desk with our new Atlas Series CNC router. Excellent job!

Nov 2, 2018

New cork board for Techno CNC Systems by Bangorcork!

Peter Raines, the owner of Bangor Cork in Pennsylvania, was kind enough to make and hand deliver a customized cork bulletin board for us. 

This is a fine example of the kind of work he does with his Techno HD machine. 

The different colored cork is cut precisely with router bits, allowing for the multi-colored inlay inserts to fit perfectly. 


Here is their website:  https://www.bangorcork.com/ 

Nov 1, 2018

Awesome photos from our customers over at AudioX

Oct 12, 2018

Hopes Woodshop in Three Rivers, MA – Hardwood surfaced flat and cut into a round table using one of our HD Series models.

Oct 10, 2018

Techno CNC Systems welcomes Bluegrass Educational Technologies as our NEW exclusive reseller!

Oct 7, 2018
This custom Venture Plus Series is heading out our doors to a new customer in Phoenix, Arizona.

Techno is proud to release the Venture Plus cabinet nesting pro Series machine. This Venture Plus weighs in at over 6000lbs, includes a 16HP HSD automatic tool changer, 8-position rotary tool carousel, HSK63 tool holders, 9-spindle HSD drill bank, vacuum pod nesting table which accepts industry standard pods, twin pack of (2) 10HP rotary vane vacuum pumps with space saving steel base, material pop-up pins for easy sheet alignment, and C-axis drive for aggregate tool head, allowing for 360 degrees of rotation. The machine is powered by 1.5kw Yaskowa AC servo motors and drives delivering speeds in excess of 2000 ipm, all axes riding on high precision THK HSR30 rails and bearings, all powered by an Osai industrial PC based controller which accepts industry standard G&M codes from the most popular cabinet nesting software programs on the market. In addition to woodworking, the Venture plus is ideal for Plastic routing / fabrication, Aerospace, pattern making, and many other applications. Call today for a FREE price quote, or to learn more about our NEW Venture plus nesting machine

Sept, 2018
Techno helps customer with work deadline and route 256 parts in less than 12 hours