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4th Axis Rotary

The addition of 4-axis rotary table assembly adds greater functionality to the machine for cutting in both 2D/3D carving & indexing functions.

Coolant System

Coolant System

By atomizing the lubricant in a high-velocity air stream, the result is higher removal rates, improved finish, tighter tolerances and increased productivity.
Dovetail Fixture

Dovetail Fixture

A dovetail add on will help to  easily make dovetail or finger joints when constructing boxes, furniture items and more.

pen attachm,ent 2

Pen Attachment

An inexpensive way to label things, mark items, create dots for cutting, etc. Our pen attachment provides further versatility  and customization.

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10 HP Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Save energy AND reduce operating costs. Each pump in the system includes its own built-in inlet filter and cyclonic relief valve filter and is connected to an integral manifold which includes a central inlet filter for primary filtration.

oscillating knife

Oscillating Knife System

Businesses that need to work with flexible material may add an oscillating knife to allow seamless cuts through material with ease, giving clean cut edges without poor cut quality/fraying the material edges. 

Tangential Knife

Tangential Knife System

The tangential technology allows for much higher cutting pressures and enables you to use longer knives compared to the drag knife technology, allowing thicker/harder cuts to be made in the same detail and quality.


Digital Registration System

Register, route, and cut with precision at high speeds providing shops with a complete CNC digital finishing solution. Automatically recognize the media mark, compensating for skew, distortion, image drift, and proceed to cut patterns.


Storm Vacuum Pump

This single phase vacuum pump comes with 2 powerful vacuum motors working in tandem to produce approximately 9.5-10 inHg of vacuum hold down ability for your cnc router.


Cyclone Vacuum

The Cyclone provides excellent hold down capabilities for most applications. With its small footprint, it can fit under most CNC machines where space is a commodity. 


Hurricane Vacuum

The Hurricane is the right decision for your single phase vacuum hold down needs. Its unique two stage design allows you to choose between two motor mode or four motor mode.

Elevation Pods

Elevation Pods

With our new elevation pod option for particular CNC machine models, you can now raise material off of the machine tables surface seamlessly for easy, horizontal drilling and routing.


Laser Attachment

Add a laser attachment to your CNC router. If you are looking to add this to your current CNC, your CNC must be equipped with a PC based controller.

Double Layer Pod Table

Double Layer Pod

Add a double layer pod table to your CNC to ensure more flow and more flexibility to use elevation pods to raise material off of the table surface.

Vortex Air Gun

Vortex Air Gun

An amazing tool for removing film and grime from almost any surface. Tihs flexible universal tube delivers cold air to the location for easy cooling.

aggregate 1 (1)

Aggregate Tool

This will allow you to change the direction from which the tool approaches the work piece, and adds functionality like drilling square holes, and cutting with an oscillating knife.
Braille Insertion Tool

Braille Tool

The Techno Braille insertion tool is designed to insert acrylic or stainless balls in to the drilled holes of a braille sign. (mounts into 1/2″ spindle collet).

Cam Clamps

One way to hold material in place is by directly fastening it to the table of the CNC router by using screws, cam clamps, and other kinds of fasteners.


Tool Kits

We are proud to introduce our new tooling kits for specific routing market applications, making tooling selection for production shops easy and affordable.



We have made it our top priority to create a line of cutting tools for a variety of applications and industries, while remaining conscious of competitor pricing.

Dual Spindle

Dual Spindle

Reduce handling and setup time with dual spindles. Instead of producing two identical pieces at once, a two-spindle machine might use both spindles to attack a single piece in the same cycle.


Raised Gantry

Equip your CNC with a raised gantry; designed with an extra high gantry clearance for fabrication shops requiring a large Z work envelope to accommodate long tooling, or to clear tall parts.

Toggle Clamps

Toggle Clamps

Toggle clamps allows the variable, tool-free clamping of various workpieces.

vneutre nesting with pusher 3

Pusher Sweeper

Our pusher/sweeper pushes the cut material off the bed of the machine and cleans the dust and debris at the same time. Optimal for quick and easy clean up for dusty surfaces.