Cabinetry CNC Routers

As a cabinet maker, you want to know that your CNC machine is going to perform all day, every day, for many years to come. If you’re considering adding automation to your cabinet production, our Venture Cabinet Nesting CNC machine model is a great choice, balancing low cost with high quality and is compatible with many popular cabinet design software packages.

CNC Routers for Cabinet Shops

Since 1986, Techno CNC Systems has been perfecting the balance between low cost and high quality for CNC machinery.  The Venture Cabinet Nesting Series CNC router is a culmination of over 30 years of design and field experience.  With many repeat customers, Techno CNC continues to bring things up to the next level of performance.  Techno provides affordable CNC routers that handle production, require little maintenance, and typically give 15 to 20 years of service with free technical support all week long.

The Perfect CNC Router for your Cabinet Design Company

The Venture Cabinet Nesting Series are all steel constructed, ensuring clean cuts in your laminated plywood, melamine, MDF, and hardwoods   Precision helical rack and pinion drives provide accurate, repeatable, high speed cutting capability superior to that of typical ball screw or straight rack and pinion drives.  The Venture Cabinet Nesting Series routers are equipped with digital high speed AC servo motors and an industrial level Osai controller.  The automatic tool changer is a 12 HP HSD brand, air cooled, quiet operation, variable speed spindle with an 8 station rotary carousel attached to the x-axis beam.  Tool changes are quick and easy and the machine bed is unobstructed from the front and back making it suitable for automatic loading and unloading options.  The Venture Cabinet Nesting machines have a permanent, heavy duty phenolic vacuum pod table, making it the most reliable and versatile platform for vacuum hold down, and making these models the perfect CNC routers for your cabinet making business.  Techno uses Becker vacuum pumps as standard on its 4×8 and 5×10 sizes.

The Venture Cabinet Nesting Series

The Venture Cabinet Nesting machine is all steel construction providing the rigid foundation required for ultra-smooth routing results. The Venture Cabinet Nesting machine includes a 12HP HSD automatic tool changer with 8-position rotary carousel, 9-spindle drill bank, both spindles incorporate pneumatically operated dust collection hoods that concentrate air flow at the cutter, which provides optimal dust collection performance. The multi-zone double layer high flow vacuum table is constructed from very hard Phenolic, which is very stable material, and holds tight tolerances for precision depth cutting, connected to a 10HP Rotary vane vacuum pump (twin pack optional) which has very quiet operation (82db). For easy sheet alignment (3) material pop-up pins are included and precisely placed to handle and align various size materials. The Venture cabinet nesting machine is powered by brushless AC Servo digital motors and drives and is powered by an industrial Osai PC based industrial controller that is easy to use and learn.


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“I finally came to terms that the accuracy and quality of a part cut by a CNC router is something you will never be able to do by hand. That’s why I took the plunge to invest in a CNC router, and I regret not taking the plunge sooner".

Rob Staropoli Cabinetry

"I’ve been very fortunate to work with a very patient and kind staff @technocnc who have helped guide me through this indoctrination of the machinery and software. We just ripped through 20 sheets of plywood yesterday with unprecedented accuracy and speed".

Shawn Hollenshead Cabinetry