PRoblem and Solution

Dust collector hose is arcing to your dust hood.

Check that your dust collector flex hose and metal ducting are properly grounded to the ground rod. In addition, the machine controller should be properly grounded so that system interruption or failure does not occur due to poor ground.
Hand held controller display is blank with no powerCheck to confirm the NC Studio controller is good by verifying it has power. It should display illuminated LED lights. To confirm the controller is working properly, place a metal screw driver over any of the (3) axis limit switches, and the input should turn on and off. This verifies the controller has power and is working. If confirmed, replace hand held.
Hand held controller loses power but the rest of the system does notCheck the 3 fans on the stepper amplifier to make sure they are all running.
Machine will not jog or move1. Check to see if any of the 3 axes are on a limit switch. This will prevent the machine from enabling.
2. Shut machine down and manually push the axis off the limit switch.
3. Re-enable and controller should ask you to reference home. Hit yes
When you start the machine it says "override0 on the controller"Your feedrate is set to zero. Press the #7 on the hand-held controller to increase the feedrate. You will see the feedrate percentage increase in the bottom right corner.
Machine's controller and handheld remain powered on after shutting the machine down and cutting power using the power disconnect.This will only happen if the machine's controller is connected directly to a computer using the USB port on the silver NK105G2 controller in the back of the cabinet. Please disable this connection and the remaining components will power down.
Loud Banging Noise, Cold Motor, Lagging Motor, Out of SquareBad Stepper Driver – Needs Replacement
Z Axis homes upon startup, but X and Y will not. On the hand held controller the X and Y position indicators show movement.1. Check the amplifiers to see if the green LED is illuminated for X and Y. If they are not illuminated, the axis amplifier is not getting power.
2. Check the fuses on the Power rectifier board. If the fuses are not blown, then the Power rectifier board may be bad.
Machine will only move in one direction on the x, y, or z axes no matter what directional key is being pressed. i.e) z-axis will only move down no matter if the z+ or z- keys are pressed on the hand held controller.Cut power to the machine. Unplug and inspect the connectors at the motor. If the connectors don't look burnt and the pins are not damaged, re-seat the connector. In the back of the cabinet check the wiring on each of the stepper drives (YAKO). Inspect each cable and look for burns and/or loose wires. If there are burns and/or loose wires, re-seat or strip back the wire and secure it to its proper connecting terminal.
Machine makes jerking movements when cutting out geometric shapes that contain arcs. This jerking movement occurs when the machine cuts out the arc.This is not an issue with the machine, but rather the programmed gcode file that is loaded onto the machine. The arcs that are output into the file are not being output as true arcs, but rather many individual straight lines that make up the arc. The jerking motion is the machine accelerating and decelerating as it cuts out each individual line segment that makes up the arc shape. To rectify the issue, simply change these splines into true arcs and re-post the file.
Titan Series Error – Air Alarm
"• Check that there is at least 90 PSI being run to the machine at all times.
• Press the “ESC” and “Stop” key on the hand held individually.
• Check the regulator in the back of the machine. The regulator has a green hand and a black hand. If the black hand is pointing at a value below the green hand, increase the airflow on the regulator. The green hand should be pointing at the value of 0.4."
Error “Divide by zero”
Divide by zero error is because: 1) used wrong machine reference 2) had a feedrate of Zero 3) have arcs that were infinitesimally small
Error "Out of feedrate"
Incorrect gcode / post ( when doing drill paths, each "peck" needs to have a speed associated with the move)
Becker vacuum pump wont start from console switchSee document
Spindle is running in reverse speed, meaning that the lowest spindle 'gear' is resulting in the highest rpm, while the highest 'gear' is resulting in the lowest rpm.1. Go into the menu and then go to "8.Diagnostics" and "2.Port List".
2. Scroll down to OUTGY15, OUTGY16, and OUTGY17 and change them from "N" to "P" (press 'shift' to change and 'ok' to enter.)
Make sure you do all three variables. You shouldn't need to reboot. Just back out to the main menu and check it.