T&T Plastic Land

Custom Displays CNC Customer Success Story by Techno CNC

Established in 2004, T&T Plastic Land started operations in a small space on Canal Street in Tribeca, NY. From the outset, the company focused on delivering superior customer service, leveraging positive word of mouth feedback, which propelled vast company growth. As the company grew, they relocated to a larger facility on Church Street, only two years later back in 2006. This move not only accommodated their growing clientele, but also positioned the company for further development and innovation. T&T Plastic Land now serves museums, galleries, event planners, caterers, big retailers, construction, architects, signage, and many other types of companies. The company specializes in crafting and customizing a diverse range of acrylic products. From straightforward display cases to intricate artistic displays, their expertise spans a wide spectrum. Utilizing both wood and acrylic, they bring designs to life with precision and creativity. In 2018, TT Plastic Land once again began exploring the possibility of relocating to an even larger warehouse in Brooklyn, NY, to expand and improve their service offerings, including CNC routing capabilities. In 2020, they capitalized on an opportune moment and transitioned to a spacious warehouse facility in Brooklyn where the company now operates today. The company now specializes in acrylic fabrication, wood fabrication, CNC routing and laser cutting.

Due to limitations in their Manhattan shop, T&T Plastic Land invested in a vertical CNC machine back in 2008, which served its purpose adequately. However, upon relocating to their current Brooklyn location, they upgraded to the Techno CNC Titan Series CNC router in September 2021. This investment was aimed at enhancing their production efficiency and expanding their capabilities to tackle a wider range of projects. “We’ve enhanced our capabilities by integrating the Techno CNC into our everyday production operations. This investment allows us to achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency with our acrylic and wood fabrications. With the CNC, we can bring intricate designs to life with impeccable accuracy, ensuring that each piece meets our high standards of quality. The CNC not only expands our project capabilities but also enables us to fulfill orders with greater flexibility and speed, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for us and our customers”.

The integration of CNC has significantly expanded TT Plastic Land’s business capabilities. With the CNC machine, they have now broadened their job scope, allowing them to undertake a wider range of projects that were previously beyond their capacity. This enhanced versatility has enabled them to meet the diverse needs of their clients and take on new opportunities for growth. In essence, the CNC has not only increased their capacity but also opened doors to new types of work, driving our business forward. “Since getting the CNC machine two years ago, we’ve experienced nothing but seamless operation and reliability. The machine’s performance has been consistently excellent, allowing us to meet project deadlines with ease. Moreover, the level of customer service provided by the Techno team has exceeded our expectations. Bob has been incredibly helpful with file setup queries, and the entire office staff has consistently demonstrated professionalism and courtesy. Overall, our experience with our Techno Titan Series CNC has been overwhelmingly positive, contributing significantly to the success and growth of our business”. “One recent project that truly showcased the indispensable role of our CNC capabilities was for Masterpix, a company renowned for printing photos on Corning® Gorilla® Glass. They required 6,000 pieces of 3/8″ thick acrylic with beveled edges to serve as bases for their printed photos. Fabricating within the project’s timeframe would have been an impossible task. Uncertain about the appropriate tooling for achieving the required bevel angle on the CNC, I sought assistance from Bob at Techno. Bob’s expertise proved invaluable as he not only identified the correct bit but also assisted in setting it up within the tool section and optimizing the file setup”.

“Thanks to the precision and efficiency of the CNC, coupled with Bob’s expertise, we successfully completed the project with ease. Without the CNC and Bob’s support, meeting the client’s requirements and deadlines would have been unattainable. As a result, we were able to provide a competitive quote and fulfill the order seamlessly. Over the past two years, our CNC has played a pivotal role in enabling us to undertake a variety of projects that would have been unfeasible otherwise. One such instance occurred just last week when we were tasked with fabricating a retail display for Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street, requiring approximately 20 sheets of 3/4″ Ultralight MDF. The project’s tight deadline was a significant challenge, and without our CNC, meeting it would have been impossible. The CNC not only facilitated the precise cutting of the units within the allotted timeframe but also ensured the quality and accuracy required for the project. The use of CNC technology has had broader implications for our business. By streamlining the fabrication process, it has freed up valuable time and resources, allowing our shop to take on more projects simultaneously. This increased efficiency has not only enhanced our productivity but has also supported our overall workflow, enabling us to better meet the demands of our clientele. The CNC serves as a cornerstone of our operations, allowing us to tackle complex and time sensitive projects with confidence while optimizing our shop’s capacity and capabilities”.

About the Titan Series

Titan Square silhoutte
  • 12HP HSD automatic tool changer
  • 8-position tool rack
  • Multi-zone vacuum t-slot table
  • (3) material pop-up pins
  • Brushless AC digital servo drive motors
  • Easy to use hand held controller

“When we acquired the machine, Bob provided comprehensive training sessions to ensure we were proficient in its operation. His expertise and guidance were invaluable, and I felt confident in handling the basics by the time he concluded the training. Bob consistently delivers top-notch assistance whenever I have inquiries regarding file setup or the necessary bits for a job. Additionally, the office staff is always exceptionally friendly, and the convenience of being able to purchase bits directly from them adds even more value to the overall experience. It’s truly a 10 out of 10! The CNC machine has been fantastic for us. We’ve been using it extensively and haven’t encountered any significant issues so far. While there is some routine maintenance involved, overall, the machine is truly exceptional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Techno to anyone in need of a reliable CNC machine”.


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