Position error

Scenario: You are repeatedly getting the following message box: 


Problem: The machine is unable to travel to the position that has been requested of it. Solution: There are a few pieces of information necessary to determine the cause of this issue. 

• Does the machine move properly in any of the axes? 

If the machine does not move in any of the axes, you should Verify power to the machine

• Does the machine Run away before getting the position error? 

• Verify power to the machine 

• Ensure feedback in setup

• Are you attempting to move the system at a speed higher than possible for the Controller box

• Is the machine smashing into the End of travel

• Is there a blockage in the axis that is causing a Frozen axis?

• Check for Amplifier status

• If the symptom of the position error is that it only occurs in a specific location on the machine, you can test for Axis tightness. This is very uncommon.