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Parts, Accessories and Tooling Available for Same Day Shipping

In-house parts, accessories, tooling, CNC router bits, plasma consumables and more available for same day shipping to keep your buisness on track with very minimal downtime. 


Free Technical Support with No Automated Services for the Life of the Machine

We currently offer free technical support with real humans (no bots or automated messages) for the life of the machine. Call us M-F from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST for assistance and help for FREE. We also offer on-sight and online training for an additional fee.


Free Financing Available

We’ve partnered with First Citizens Bank Equipment Finance to offer flexible financing options to our customers. First Citizens is known for equipment financing expertise & exceptional customer service. 

On-Site Training Available

Techno offers on-site and online training. Work hands on with a member from the Techno team. By the time your training is finished, you will have cut your first part on your new Techno CNC router.


Equipped to help you

Expand your Business

Faster cycle times and greater flexibility allow business owners to concentrate on company marketing, day-to-day sales quoting, and new programs to grow the business. With these, Techno Industrial CNC routers will allow for your production time to decrease, creating more opportunity to expand and create more products. Once familiar with the router/software, a Techno CNC is super easy to use. You will become a CNC master and each project you route will be more accurate than the last.


Equipped to help you

Lower Operating Costs

Investing in a CNC router will lower operating costs by providing better material yields, quicker part cycle time, and prevent cutting errors that waste expensive materials.

With an industrial CNC router, parts can be nested together to maximize the material usage. This lowers overhead cost by reducing the amount of material used, saving even more time by routing on the same sheet, instead of having to change the material more often.

Our Most Popular CNC Machines

Titan Series

Unparralleled cut quality and efficiency for all businesses and budgets

HDS Series

The on-demand tool that gives medium-large businesses the competitive advantage

Venture Nesting

The powerhouse CNC router for large businesses looking for rapid productivity and profitability

HD II Tabletop Series

Commendable entry-level CNC router for smaller workshops and budgets  

Atlas Series

The versatile, industrial, affordable CNC machine for mid size workshops

Phoenix Plasma Cutter

The ultra affordable CNC plasma cutter that will transform the way you design and build 

Endless Possibilities





Musical Instruments


Boat Decking

Channel Lettering


Counter Production

Closet Manufacturing

Door Making

Pole Manufacturing

Plastic Packaging

Box Manufacturing




Name Tags

Pool Cue Manufacturing

Plastics and Foam

3D Modeling

Museum Fabrication

Digital Fabrication


Metal Fabrication

Theatre Props



Architectural Millwork



Aluminum and Brass Machining

Gunstock Manufacturing

Pistol Grip Manufacturing


Furniture Making

Drywall Fabrication



Techno Compliments

"Purchasing the Techno CNC HDS 5×10 router is one of the best decisions we have made. Being in a business where versatility is essential in our equipment. There are days we start with cutting standard plywoods, shift to cutting 3” thick foam, then finish the day cutting Sintra and acrylic... all with immense ease. The best part of having our router is having a great team stand behind their product. Any questions we have get answered very quick. The Techno team is top-notch and their dedication rivals that of other machine companies. We are extremely happy and have no regrets. The machine has allowed us to compete with companies 10-100x our size"
Timothy David
Breakthrough Productions
"I am impressed with Techno’s technical support and fast response, confirming our pre-sales research and concerns in picking the right company. You are a phone call away. We wanted to give our students a leg up on competition in other schools. We wanted to go with the best of the best. Adding the tool changer and vacuum table is a big deal. Another perk of our CNC is how we are never restricted by a project size"
Jessie Perison
Randolph High School
"Our 3-axis @technocnc CNC router is the beating heart of rootlab. Everything we build is meticulously designed by our design team. Once designed many of the components pass through the capable hands of our digital fabrication team before being handed off to the next department. From simple templates to complex 2.5D sculpting, we use the CNC to mill all types of sheet goods including plywood, MDF, hardwood, aluminum, foam, solid surface, and acrylic".
Root Lab
Root Lab
“My Techno CNC router has been an excellent machine to enter into the CNC world. The Atlas Series was exactly what I was looking for. When purchasing a CNC router, I found Techno to be extremely reliable. Whenever I called Techno for a simple tech support question, a living breathing person answered the phone and I was able to fix my issue in no time. I know I am always going to get an answer immediately. I never feel as though I am getting pushed around. That was huge for my purchasing decision for me"
Rob Staropoli
Rob Staropoli Cabinetry
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